14.07.2016Products of the month

Tiger OAK CC brushed natural oil

Lengths: 1800/2000/2400 mm

Widths: 110 - 220 mm

Thickness: 16|19mm

Surface: brushed natural oil

The floor as part of a company's corporate identity is an ever growing area of use.

The Tiger OAK has been a centre-piece of the mafi portfolio for several years. Within the identically named collection, the variants black, white, silver and gold can be found. But also the CC option. CC stands for custom colours, so customer specific colour scheme. That is, you choose what colour the putty filler is in the Tiger OAK. Everything that has a RAL code is possible. Using the unique code, the corresponding colour can then be made.

Thus, many new possibilities for individualisation arise. Whole design concepts and interior furnishing styles can be complemented in private areas. In some plans, the putty filler colour is combined to also match individual pieces of furniture. Be prior warned however, mafi floors are extremely long lasting while furniture changes a lot over the years.

It will be exciting in the company's branch around the theme of Tiger OAK CC. Here, for example, the corporate colour can be reflected in the floor. Using the floor as part of the corporate design is innovative, new and just an extremely high quality statement in combination with the Tiger OAK.

The mafi Tiger OAK receives its appearance from a relatively drastic thermo treatment, which cracks the wood intentionally. The resulting, countless, non-copy able openings subsequently set the scene with the corresponding putty filler colour. The design is rounded off by the intense colour play of the planks. This is due also to the special thermo treatment, where existing colour differences are taken and intensified.