01.07.2014Products of the month

Carving Club I, brushed, grey oiled

Directness, clarity and structure - ​​Carving Club I projects these values with its honest yet sophisticated design. Its subtle charm ensures a highly recognisable value, but without intruding. Through its striking design Carving Club I is especially suited for boutiques and showrooms. It is also ideal for health & spa areas due to its non-slip surface.

mafi Carving Club I awarded with important design prize – great success at the red dot award: product design 2012

The natural wooden floor mafi Carving Club I combines a natural and sustainable philosophy with modern workmanship and innovative Design. The surface is completely lacquer-free but natural oiled which makes the floor extremely stable but on the other hand still breathable and easy to clean with water and soap. In addition an individual heat treatment (without chemical additives) is drying the wood with lower heat. The beech wood gets a darker coloring and the natural swelling and shrinking tendencies are reduced. The heat treatment is also increasing the resistance against water.

Single color shades are creating the individual character of this floor. The timeless design inspired by the typical tartan pattern is engraved into the top-layer. Sanded as well as brushed fields arise on the surface. Therefore the floor has a special haptics and becomes a wonderful experience especially barefooted. Additionally the floor has anti-slip abilities thanks to its structure. It is the combination between breathable surface und higher resistance against water that makes the mafi Carving Club I highly recommended in wellness and wet areas – defiantly new premises this natural wooden floor is reaching.