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Domino Larch Vulcano, brushed and white oiled

Surface: brushed, white oiled
Surface Delivered: raw 
Length: 400mm 
Breadth: 200mm
Thickness: 19mm


The mafi end-grain wooden floor is impressive primarily because of the nearly infinite colour display in combination with a very highly robust floor.

The mafi Domino Collection contains two types of wood with the Larch and the Ash. The Larch stands out due to a lighter base colour. This allows the individual year rings of the end-grain wood to be clearly recognisable. Domino floors are created from a variety of end-grain wooden blocks with a size of 4x4mm. The individual components are laid on a parquet flooring net and therefore yield a total size of 400x200mm per element. 

Colour differences generally come from the nature of the wood. The Larch wood is additionally subjected to a gentle thermal treatment using water, wind and warmth through which the colour differences in this case are intensified. The main reason for this mafi Vulcano treatment is the reduction of the swelling and shrinkage behaviour of the wood, since it is solid wooden blocks which can develop an exceptional strength. 

This kind of floor has been used in Austrian history as workshop floors due to its high robustness. Through precision craftsmanship and professional installation, the mafi Domino floor offers an almost indestructible floor variant. Also included of course are the many advantages of a naturally oiled surface, beginning with an improved room climate and on to warm feet, thanks to direct contact with the wood. 

Domino floors are delivered raw, un-oiled from the factory. The elements must be glued together as a full surface on the underfloor. For this reason, durable elastic glue should be used. After installation, the floor must be sanded repeatedly. The floor can then still be brushed to obtain a more intense haptic. Finally, the whole area has to be treated with mafi Wooden Floor Oil. The mafi Wooden Floor Oil White provides a brighter characteristic of the Larch floor and particularly highlights the year rings. We recommend having professional experts carry out the installation. 


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