26.08.2020Project Reports

Family of architects fulfills long-awaited dream: a design hotel with 27 wonderful suites


- A hotel without parallel: every suite the stuff of fantasies.

- Pure individuality: four room concepts that couldn't be more different.

- High-quality wood planks guarantee longevity, even with heavy use.

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“With a concept for 27 individual suites, we wanted to show how diverse living spaces and their spatial effects can be. The longevity as well as the feel and the appearance of the materials were particularly decisive."

Annette Katrin Seidel and Franz Philip Seidel, owners and interior designers of Designhotel Laurichhof

Four suites – four unique mafi natural wood floors:

1. FIR wide plank, brushed, natural oil
2. BEECH Vulcano Fresco Punto milled, white oil
3. OAK Country Thin-Plank brushed, grey oil
4. LARCH Vulcano heavily brushed, extreme lye, natural oil

Designhotel Laurichhof: the Seidel family of architects has created a dream world you can touch

"Step into a hotel that understands you" is the motto chosen for the design hotel by the Seidel family architects during the five-year planning process

At the end of 2019, the family is opening the design hotel with a total of 27 suites that are bursting with uniqueness. The successful mother-son duo Annette Katrin Seidel and Franz Philip Seidel thus fulfilled a long-awaited dream: a design hotel that also functions as a showroom that reflects their love for interiors and their creative empathy. This unique hotel concept, which does not exist anywhere else, has now been honored with this year's German Design Award in the "Interior Architecture" category.

The Laurichhof, in the idyllic small town of Pirna, Germany, not far from Dresden, invites visitors not only to spend an unforgettable vacation in a uniquely designed suite of their dreams, but also to purchase all of the furnishings or even the room concept.

As individual as each customer: 27 suites for every style and furnishing taste

No two suites are the same. Every single hotel room is multifaceted and created with a love of detail that tells its own story. The aim of the architects was to create spaces that would offer the perfect vacation spot for every taste and also inspire guests with the opportunity to take individual pieces or the entire design back home with them. In-house interior designers are available to advise guests during the purchase process.

Four of the dreamy suites feature mafi natural wood floors.

Come in: an overview of the four suites of your dreams

Suite Smukkstykk: summer vacation with the naturally oiled FIR wide-plank brushed

A soft pink laughs from the walls. Sky blue waves from the ceiling. And the white oiled interior in a simple Nordic design exudes a feel-good spirit.

Light design as in a fairy tale forest: friendly owl heads and little squirrels not only tug at your heart, but also light up the suite at night. A fancy butterfly print on the couch invites guests to daydream or simply relax doing nothing. Just the right thing for a romantic holiday in the heart of "Saxon Switzerland."

The perfect choice for this ideal world dream setting was, of course, mafi's FIR wide plank, brushed, natural oil. A floor that's just as likeable as the squirrels and other forest dwellers that make  their homes here. The lively branch pattern, the warm color of the fir wood, and its velvety feel are the crowning touches that round off this room concept with its "summer house feeling."

The Big in Japan Suite: extraordinary feel with the BEECH Vulcano Fresco Punto milled, white oiled

Relaxed and benevolent, this suite features a friendly geisha smiling at you from all walls. Of course, she wants you to smile back.

But that happens automatically, because the residents of this suite experience a pleasant, soothing foot massage with every step. Welcome to the land of the rising sun where the natural wood floors in the BEECH Vulcano Fresco Punto pattern are sure to put a smile on your face every day. But how is that possible?

For this suite, the designers selected a very unusual mafi natural wood floor that would come as close to the look, touch, and feel of Japanese tatami mats as possible.

The white oiled BEECH Vulcano Fresco Punto with its finely dotted texture milled into the rich brown beech wood was the perfect for this exotic room concept.

The Casa Novum Suite: red for love plus the grey oiled OAK Country Thin-Plank


A whole suite that symbolizes love in the most beautiful way: heavy red velvet, lush floral prints, hearts on the walls. and warm wood under your feet.

A free-standing bathtub right next to the bed, an intimate private room disguised as a dining area, and an oversized mirror lend this room a special atmosphere conducive to love and devotion.

The gray oiled mafi OAK Country Thin-Plank helps ground the lovers and bring them back down to earth. Cracks and knots artfully puttied in black paired with the characterful grain of the OAK Country show that nothing is perfect. And that's a good thing.

The entire tree is used for the OAK Country planks. Unique features such as cracks and knots are warmly welcome and are even emphasized with the black putty.

And don't we all have our own unique features?

Honey-Poppy Suite: There's every reason to smile with the LARCH Vulcano heavily brushed, extremely leached, naturally oiled planks featured in this suite

The name says it all: lush poppies as far as the eye can see.

This homage to the delicate flower results in a warm color palette from natural pastel pinks to flame reds to dark purples.

In order to make this natural theme tangible in the 2-room suite, the creative design duo chose mafi LARCH Vulcano, heavily brushed, extreme lye, natural oil as the flooring surface. The striking, lively color shading of the thermally treated larch wood and its oiling underline the natural character of the suite like no other floor could.

The various surface finishes, such as brushes, alkalis and oils, not only emphasize the larch grain, but also create a clearly noticeable feel on the wood surface.

Nature is at home here.

High-quality plank construction is everything: what a hardwood floor has to do achieve every day in a hotel

Not all that glitters is gold The same applies to the choice of natural wood floors.

In addition to the surface of the board, the board structure is also of great importance: this is one instance where more is more.

That is why mafi relies on a high-quality board structure with top and back layers made of the same wood given the same thermal treatment. Why? Because this ensures a strong counter-tension that minimizes the natural movement of the board and counteracts any warping and shrinkage that the board might experience. The middle layer consists of Austrian spruce, glued at a 90° angle to the outer layers to provide additional stability.

This symmetrical three-layer structure of each individual mafi plank therefore can thus handle extreme loads, as is the case in hotels.

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