At home on the Baltic Sea with wide planks from Austria

First impression: feel good! Warm colours with orange and oak yellow as dominant factors make this property on the Baltic Sea a home away from home. That's exactly what art is - designing rooms that trigger something in you from the first time you enter them, and that's exactly what was done so excellently in this case.

You don't always have to have hundreds of square metres of space on hand. The supreme discipline certainly lies in breathing life into reduced spaces. One of the few materials that masters this task is wood in its original form. For example, 52 m2 mafi Oak Country were used in this project.

With its authentic character, the wide planking does not fade into the background and clearly shows that the branches and cracks once belonged to a tree. The surface has been refined with transparent linseed oil, which is air-dried and penetrates the wood without leaving any layer on the surface. Walking barefoot on real wood - what more could you want?
The spiral staircase with white edging and mafi stairs is definitely an eye-catcher, perfectly combined with the matching floor. The curved shape transforms the staircase from a necessity into a design element for the entire room.