Brillux relies on mafi natural wood floors in its own health centre for employees

The globally active family business Brillux offers its employees a combined offer of injury prevention, fitness and an affiliated, also externally accessible physiotherapy practice with the in-house health centre B-Vital. The colour specialist is thus setting an example as a modern employer and showing a deep understanding of the connections between performance and healthy, motivated employees and colleagues.


Indoor air is often an underestimated factor in this context, as it has a direct effect on concentration and fatigue. Mafi natural wood floors make an important contribution to an improved indoor climate. The open-pored surface allows the wood to be continuously cleaned by air. The regular moist cleaning of the floor and the associated release of the water into the room air demonstrably and clearly measurably increases the air humidity. A relative humidity of 40 - 60% at 21° Celsius room temperature is ideal for both humans and wood.


In addition to the visual and practical aspects of a natural wood floor from mafi, the healthy living conditions have led to a convincing overall package and to the installation of around 510 m2 mafi Asti OAK. The beautiful colour somewhere between the natural tone of the oak and a whitewashed wood colour is achieved with the help of mixed oiling.