mafi wins prestigious 2019 Home & Garden Award

BUILD, the international trade magazine for architects, designers, and construction, planning, and real estate experts, has named mafi the "best manufacturer of natural wood flooring." mafi's focus on high quality, innovative products that reflect the company's commitment to sustainability and continuous creativity convinced the jury.

Making natural wood floors for healthy living spaces for 40 years

mafi is considered an international pioneer in sustainable, toxin-free natural wood floors that are 100% great for the environment and healthy living spaces.
Without exception, all mafi flooring is made in Austria and exported from there to all over the world. Each plank is given an organic, linseed-oil based natural finish which is given the necessary time to penetrate the surface to ensure a deep and intensive care. This gentle and natural finish preserves the open pores of the wood's surface, allowing the wood to absorb and release moisture into the space, an important feature that contributes to a healthy living environment.

Dimensionally stable wooden floorboards with symmetrical 3-layer construction

The top layer and the backing on mafi engineered woods are always the same wood species given an identical thermal treatment. Why is this the case? Quite simply because it counters the natural movements of the wood to counteract swelling and shrinkage. The middle layer is made of flexible and soft Austrian spruce, which reduces the tension in the plank.

mafi grateful to receive the 2019 Home & Garden Award

The sum of all the product features in mafi natural wood floors results in a high quality and durable surface. We are very pleased that the jury has awarded the commitment and unique mafi mission that underlies each product we make.
Thank you very much!