A small bottle as a great symbol for sustainability

The mafi management gives its employees a glass bottle at Christmas time. But not just any bottle, but a bottle with "soul".   The "soul bottle" stands for the same values that mafi has: Respect for our nature. About 70 percent of our earth's surface is covered with water. But did you know that in every square kilometer of the sea, hundreds of thousands of small and large pieces of plastic waste are floating? 30 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year. (Quelle: Greenpeace vom 12.12.2017) But for us humans this pollution now also has consequences. Billions of people worldwide drink water that is contaminated with tiny plastic particles. Also in popular food fish smallest plastic particles were found. WE HAVE TO ACT Each of us can help to avoid plastic waste: 1. Don´t use plastic wrappers or plastic bags! 2. Separate the waste properly to facilitate sorting and recycling. 3. Renounce toothpaste or cosmetics with microplastic. Use real natural cosmetics instead. RESPONSIBILITY BEYOND THE PRODUCT Sustainable thinking and climate protection are things that we and our employees daily live. The whole mafi company is geared to work as environmentally friendly as possible. So mafi always use the whole tree. The sawdust and off-cuts serve as both the heating of the whole company and on the other hand, for the production of wood pellets. Unavoidable waste, such as packaging material, is recycled and this brought mafi a CO2-savers certificate in 2009. The durability of mafi natural wooden floors and the associated sustainability complete the ambitious project of mafi’s holistic natural, corporate philosophy. It is this unique corporate philosophy which was awarded the Energy Globe Award in 2011. Sustainable thinking and climate protection are not always the easiest, but surely always the right way!