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Oak Country Vulcano, brushed and naturally oiled

The mafi OAK Vulcano is a lively floor which convinces in both its colours and character. A wooden floor should, in our opinion, show clearly that it comes from a tree. 

The idea behind the mafi Vulcano technology is to create an alternative to dark tropical woods with native wood types.

When choosing an Oak, many customers opt for one of the more robust, domestic wood species in the mafi portfolio. The Country’s character stands for a clearly visible grain as well as for clearly visible knots and cracks. The Vulcano addition represents mafi’s innovative thermal treatment. Here the wood is literally baked without any chemical additives or accelerators, but just with water, heat and wind. Thus, the wood’s original colour changes from light to dark and the swelling and shrinking properties are greatly reduced. 
This creates the mafi OAK Vulcano and the associated country house style. However, the name sounds more rustic than the actual appearance which in practice often isn’t there. This lively floor is often combined with cooler, minimised furnishing concepts. This gives the rooms a soul and a base to relax. 
Two aspects play an important role in this regard. Above all, the optical appearance must be as genuine as possible. This refers to both the natural characteristics such as knots and cracks, but also the surface itself. 
That’s why mafi natural wooden floors are finished only with natural oils. Thus, the wood retains its matt and structured surface, which is not the case for example with waxed or lacquered surfaces. 
In addition, there is of course, the feel we experience when we go barefoot on the natural wood. With mafi there aren’t any artificially applied layers to block contact with the wood. The oil penetrates deeply into the pores of the wood and allows the pleasant experience of the warm feel of real, natural wood – indeed, a real natural wooden floor.



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