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OAK Molto

Length: 1800/2000/2400mm
Width: 120/140/160mm
Thickness: 16/19mm

brushed and natural oiled
brushed and white oiled


A play on colours is an expression of naturalness.

The colour of things is one of the first impressions that we process. Colour conveys emotions, changes subjects, and produces a wide variety of moods. When one is searching for a colour in nature, it can hardly be found - rather one discovers a variety of different shades, tones and combinations.

A Play on Colours

A single colour does not exist in nature - this is what we always try to explain with real natural wood floors. A play on colours is an expression of naturalness and doesn’t come from a digital design program. A floor is also not made from a single tree. Through a wide range of environmental influences, trees grow and change colour differently or better said inimitably. Even tree trunks exhibit a wide range of characteristics and features.

Nature in its Purest Form

mafi uses the entire tree and this as efficiently as possible. Here we continuously encounter incomparably beautiful and spectacular materials, which also force us to question our fixed ideas and to define new boundaries. We did this also with the new OAK Molto.

The newest member of the Basic Oak Collection relies on the traditional strengths of mafi Oak planks: robustness and a balance between traditional and modern. The latter is often achieved through natural or white oiled surfaces. But what’s new about the OAK Molto? It's the core or more specifically the earthy core character of the planks. Thus already within a single plank colour nuances are clearly visible, which create vibrant natural wood floors. But as it should be in good colour concepts, the colours remain within the same colour family, show through as a result, and to the human eye seem however not distracting and even harmonious.


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