29.01.2016Products of the month

OAK Vulcano brushed natural oiled

Lengths: 1800/2000/2400/4000/5000mm

Widths: 155/185/240/260/280/300mm

Thicknesses: 16/19mm

The Oak Vulcano is a particularly noble and majestic natural wood floor. Colours as well as colour spectrum confer additional expression on the character.

The Oak Vulcano is characterised by a rather narrow colour spectrum. Almost completely knot free, the floor captivates through its natural grain and the rich brown tone. This is created by the mafi "Vulcano" thermo treatment. With this, the wood is treated with a very gentle and even heat, without any chemical additives, purely with wind, water and heat. This results in a dark brown natural wood floor coming from a rather bright yellow Oak. This natural colour change goes through the entire top layer of approx. 4mm - an important difference, for example, to other coloured floors on the market. This also benefits the floor owners if it gets damaged. 

The idea for the Oak Vulcano primarily arose from the idea to create alternatives to tropical woods - but with using domestic wood species. Meanwhile, the Vulcano segment has become indispensable. Paired with different colour spectrums and oiling, the Vulcano floors greatly increase the colour palette. 

The Oak Vulcano, brushed and natural oiled instantly gives rooms an honourable character. Whether it’s in contrast to rather bright furnishings or in distinctive widths and lengths for large and high rooms - the Oak Vulcano is a statement of timeless style.