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Christina Reifeltshammer, CEO of SooNice Sunnies, draws parallels between her sunglasses and mafi

Founder and CEO Christina Reifeltshammer draws exciting parallels between the climate-friendly produced SooNice glasses and mafi natural wood floors. A sustainable lifestyle is also important to Christina Reifeltshammer in her private life, which is why she has chosen healthy and exclusively oiled natural wood planks for her own four walls.

The hearts of the four founders not only beat for the functionality of the glasses, but above all for a well thought-out, sustainable and environmentally friendly recycling economy.

The Salzburg-based company SooNice Sunnies specializes in the production of children's sunglasses that protect the delicate eyes of little ones 100% from UV rays.

A family dinner becomes a brainstorming session for a unique product idea

Christina, you and your team specialize in making sunglasses for kids that are specifically tailored to their needs. Would you like to tell us what motivations brought you to this unique business idea?

My sisters-in-law and I came up with the idea at a family dinner because one of them could not find a pair of visually appealing, European-made, and most importantly, child-friendly sunglasses for her son. So we asked ourselves the question, is it even important for babies and children to wear sunglasses? We did research and had conversations with an ophthalmologist friend of ours, Prof. Dr. Dirisamer, and it became clear to us how important this is!

"Children have larger pupils than adults, so their highly sensitive retinal cells are more exposed to UV light, which can cause severe damage."

SooNice children sunglasses: durable and perfectly designed

We are curious, are there biological differences between the eyes of adults and children? And what requirements must be met by sunglasses for children?

Similar to sunburn on the skin, the tissue and cells of the human eye can be severely damaged. In addition, children generally spend more time outdoors and are exposed to UV light for a correspondingly longer period of time. All the more important is sufficient protection by high-quality sunglasses.

Children's sunglasses should offer 100% UV-A and UV-B protection and you should pay attention to the designation UV 400 and the CE mark, so the glasses meet the EU safety requirements and the sensitive eyes of children will be perfectly protected. Additionally, side shields are very important, as UV rays not only enter the eyes from the front, but also from the side.

For us, it was also particularly important that the sunglasses withstand the children's constant movement, are durable and lightweight, so that the children also feel comfortable and enjoy wearing the glasses.

Recycled nylon kids sunglasses for a greener future

Designed in Vienna and manufactured in Milan - SooNice sunglasses are made exclusively in Europe. How important is regionality to you personally?

Very important! Since it is our generation's responsibility to make the world a better place, we also had a basic objective when we started SooNice. We didn't want to put new plastic into circulation, but to use resources that were already available.

"We source ECONYL®, regenerated nylon, also from Italy, just a few kilometers from our production partners, from the Aquafil company. It is derived 100% from nylon waste and has the characteristic of being very light as well as adaptable."


For SooNice, sustainability is not just a buzzword

As it is for mafi, so it is for SooNice sunglasses, sustainability, ecological and socially-fair production are important components of the entire production chain. Can you see any other parallels in terms of company philosophy between SooNice sunglasses and mafi natural wood floors?

Yes, the passion for the product, the attention to detail and that it is a family business.

Sustainability is on everyone's lips, but unfortunately this also leads to increasingly more green washing at many companies, which significantly complicates the choices for the end customer. What tips do you have for distinguishing between real, sustainable companies and free-riders?

That's true, it's often really very difficult for the end customer to assess which products are truly produced sustainably. My tip in this regard is to focus on regionality and to read or ask exactly where production takes place and, above all, always pay attention to shorter transportation routes.

Sustainable lifestyle also in private homes with healthy living mafi parquet flooring

Christina, did you choose a mafi parquet for your personal dream home? What was it about mafi that excited you?

I kept seeing mafi floors at friends and acquaintances' houses, and I really liked the style as well as the durability of the parquet. When my husband and I visited the mafi showroom for the first time, we knew right away that it would be a mafi parquet.Despite the very large selection, we immediately agreed, because we liked the color and structure of Vulcano white oiled oak so much.

What kind of stresses does the mafi floor have to withstand in your home? And does mafi parquet meet your expectations?

Our requirement for the floor was that it should be very easy to maintain, cozy, warm but also modern. We did the floor through the whole house, including the bathrooms. Although at first we were skeptical about whether it would be a good idea to install the floor in the bathroom as well. But we have no problems with it. The floor harmonizes very well with our style and also fits in beautifully with the decor.

Contemporary and timeless at the same time - when classic meets modern

How would you describe your living style at home? And how would you describe the atmosphere in your home?

Our style of living is a mixture of country and modern town house. In our house, the wood flooring runs throughout the house, the warm colors and the wood paneling make it very cozy - but definitely also modern through trendy accents that we have chosen. We had support from Lisa Bonomo, interior designer at LEIMGRUBER INTERIOR, and this was the best decision along with the mafi parquet.

How do you manage the maintenance of the floor?

Very well. The floor is very low maintenance and I mop it every two months with the wood floor soap. As a result, it feels to me like the floor is really shiny again and it also smells insanely good afterwards.

Cozy atmosphere thanks to natural oiled parquet flooring

How satisfied were you with the service and processing at mafi?

The collaboration with mafi, as well as the advice and processing, worked excellently and I can only recommend it to everyone.

How would you describe a mafi parquet in four words?

Beautiful, modern, stylish and cozy.

Was there a special mafi moment you'd like to tell us about?

I didn't really realize how beautiful our new home was until the floor was finished.

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