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Interview with Giulio Pizzuti - Head of mafi Italy

Giulio Pizzuti was born in Rome in 1975, and is currently the sales manager in Italy for the mafi Naturholzboden company, which handles natural wood floors.

For Giulio, knowing that whoever buys the natural wood floors sold by him will be putting something wholesome into their homes that significantly improves their quality of life gives him an exceptional feeling.

Because of his strong inclination to raise awareness for the environment and his passion for excellent aesthetic and quality finish products, Giulio deals with the commercial development of natural wood floors because of its sales potential, relying on a team all throughout the country. In spite of most of his time being devoted to work, Giulio is satisfied with his results.

Why do wood floors swell? How can this be prevented?

Closed pore wood floors (varnished floors, UV oiled floors, etc.) generally swell when subjected to a significant amount of water or humidity. The typical process is the following: water (or humidity) penetrates between the slats and impregnates the material under the protective layer.

It then tries to escape from the surface layer, but finding its way blocked by a real protective film, it puts pressure on the floor, sometimes to the point that it causes the plate to detach (i.e. the noble layer).

How can this be prevented?

Open-pore wood floors, like mafi floors, for example, do not have any surface films. The wood is protected by a vegetable oil that does not block transpiration.
Furthermore, Mafi slats are produced with a symmetrical construction: under the slat, a layer of wood of the same wood as the noble one is applied, coming from the same tree, with the same degree of drying. In this way, liquids and humidity are free to enter and exit and any tensions that are created on the surface are completely compensated by the counter-balancing under the slat.

Over the years, there have been several cases of flooding in environments in which the Mafi floor has returned to its original state after drying completely, thorough cleaning and fresh oiling with Mafi natural wood floor oil.

What is the best season for installing wood floors? And why?

The best season for installing wood floors is generally spring. It is usually the period with the best climatic conditions to allow successful installation. However, by respecting the installation protocols and paying attention to details such as the proper drying of the screed and the temperature of the installation environments, for example, it is possible to install wood floors all year round.

What does a laminate floor consist of?

Giulio also talks to us about laminate floors, a solution that is used as an economical alternative for people who do not have big budgets, or who simply do not intend to invest in the purchase of real wood floors, which is undoubtedly a more prestigious and valuable product.

How convenient are faux wood floors?

People wonder quite often whether faux wood floors are really convenient or not. Giulio actually explains to us that although the initial cost is much lower compared to open-pore natural wood floors, which may be restored and are capable of withstanding even more than twenty-five years in a hotel room, the duration of the materials used for laminate is generally very shortened.

Of course, however, it should be kept in mind that in both the wood and laminate floor sectors, there are different price ranges and products with different characteristics, quality and durability.

Source: https://www.prontopro.it/BZ/bolzano/pavimenti-e-parquet#pro-interview

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