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Yoga meets natural wood flooring: the Linz Community Practice as a harmonizing place for health and relaxation

In the community practice, in the heart of Upper Austria, people receive holistic therapy using osteopathy, physiotherapy and yoga.
mafi meets the founder of this feel-good place for a conversation about mindful furnishing with a healthy interior.

"The effect of yoga on a physical and psychological level is special. The space and furnishings must also be as special, which definitely promote this arrival in oneself.

Christina Söllradl
Physiotherapist and osteopath

Yoga and mindfulness have long since ceased to be popular trends, but have become a widespread form of relaxation and healthy exercise. The effect of yoga on the body and mind is undisputed. Christina Sällradl gives very personal insights into how materials that are healthy for living, such as oiled natural wood parquet floor, can positively support this effect.

Biophilic interior design for greater wellbeing

Ms. Söllradl, what does the Community Practice stand for? And what options are offered to clients in this special place?

At the moment we are a team of two physiotherapists and osteopaths and two yoga teachers. The "Bürgerpraxis" is a place for health and well-being that invites you to stay and is not daunting with sterile white walls.


" This “wow factor" when I first entered the practice, which I felt myself, has often also been experienced by my patients, which makes me particularly happy."

The pleasant atmosphere with the large windows, the high ceilings, the subdued color schemes and above all the natural, healthy building materials give patients and yogis a feeling of arrival and well-being.

A room specially designed for yoga as the center of the community practice

To what extent is it important for you to use natural and sustainable materials and building materials to furnish the practice?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, sustainability and regionality have largely meant reliability for me. That was already important to me before, but has now taken on a new significance.

My personal focus when furnishing the practice was the feel-good factor. I therefore made the decision to use an ecologically produced and natural mafi natural wood floor quickly. 


" The yoga room with naturally oiled parquet floor is the largest room in the community practice. The expansiveness of this space and the natural wooden surface contribute significantly to our yogis being both relaxed and grounded and at the same time able to master demanding yoga exercises with a secure foundation."


A natural and porous wooden surface as a safe foundation for yoga practitioners

How do you experience the mafi natural wood floor? Or to put it another way, what is it like to live with a mafi natural wood floor?


One could certainly describe the room with a mafi natural wood floor as the heart of the practice – not just because it is laid in the largest room. In contrast to the dark terrazzo in the other rooms, it looks friendly and inviting and creates a very pleasant, calming atmosphere with the wonderful smell of wood.

When I come to take part in a yoga class in the evening, I experience the mafi floor as a stable and secure foundation that helps me to unwind after a long day – even if the session is demanding.


"In addition to the oak parquet floor, I think that the color concept also plays an important role in making people feel good. The combination of calm, earthy tones with the large windows and the greenery in the garden has a very relaxing effect on my patients and yogis."

Ms. Söllradl, the team of architects Destilat assisted you with the planning of the community practice. What requirements did you have of the architects?


The main requirement was to have my ideas checked by experts for their feasibility during the planning phase. There were one or two issues for which I didn't necessarily find a green solution. Here the architects of Destilat were of great help. I am grateful for the uncomplicated cooperation with them and the creative support.

It was also important to me that a lot of natural light was retained when converting an open-plan office into a health practice - despite the double walls. The artificial light sources should underline the whole thing or look as natural as possible.


Describe the ambiance in the community practice in three words:

Pleasant, creative, atmospheric.

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