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A fashion boutique immersed in gold - Pure extravagance with Tiger OAK gold


- Tiger OAK gold, brushed, naturally oiled: extravagance meets naturalness

 - How to combine golden Tiger OAK

 - A floor that can withstand heavy use: the reliable mafi plank construction

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Tiger Oak flooring is certainly one of the most innovative products in the mafi portfolio.

mafi Tiger oak flooring is an extremely robust natural wood floor that is a visual highlight in every room.

The Tiger Oak gold - naturalness with a touch of gold

The mafi Tiger Oak is an extremely robust natural wood floor that makes a visual statement in every room. Its extravagance comes from the abundance of golden cracks and the beautiful honey-colored oak wood.

A look behind the scenes: manual work and precise technology are combined during production. The hand-sorted oak slats are exposed to intense temperatures through a special drying process. In the course of this process, the wood obtains a wide range of stress cracks, which lends each board a unique character. There is also an intense interplay of colors ranging from light to dark brown - sometimes on a single plank.

The resulting cracks are then closed by hand with gold-colored putty. Due to the naturally oiled surface, the planks shine in beautiful brown tones that harmonize perfectly with the golden inclusions.

The Tiger OAK gold, brushed, natural oiled in three words: Extravagant. Natural. Robust.

For sophisticated room concepts that need just a little something special

The Tiger Oak gold has a vibrant surface appearance and features a pleasant feel that is particularly suitable for room concepts that require just a little something special.

Its golden Tiger look is a strong eye-catcher, but only at second glance:
This is due to the fact that the gold sealed inclusions shine in the same color as the light oak and thus still result in a harmonious overall picture. An oak parquet that, despite its extravagance, also lends the room a sense of calm and naturalness.

From pop art style to sophisticated loft style: Tiger Oak gold can be combined with striking retro design classics in bright colors as well as with sleek, modern interiors in muted colors.Especially spacious, light-filled rooms featuring contemporary architecture stand to benefit from the soothing aura of Tiger OAK, which imparts a certain groundedness, even to a modern city loft, and creates a large measure of coziness.


A floor for heavy use: the mafi quality plank is a guarantee of stability

Like all mafi floors, the Tiger Oak gold is equally impressive thanks to its symmetrical three-layer structure, which provides enormous dimensional stability and is therefore ideally suited for heavily used properties, such as a fashion boutique.

In addition to the appearance of the floor, the most important quality factor of a board is its construction. Therefore, when choosing a floor, the following principle always applies: not everything that glitters is gold.
Except in the case of the tiger OAK gold, of course, for everything that glitters here IS in fact gold.

What makes the Tiger OAK gold so durable?
We'll tell you: The high-quality three-layer plank construction.

The mafi typical symmetrical three-layer structure consists of a top and back layer, always made of the same wood with the same thermal treatment and a flexible middle layer made of softwood. The result is a stable board with a strong counter-tension that greatly minimizes movement in the wood and thus counteracts the natural swelling and shrinking of the wood.

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