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A wellness floor for the discerning:
OAK Vulcano Medium, rough saw texture, natural oil


- New “rough texture” surface ensures an exciting look and a pleasant barefoot experience 

- Medium brown play of colors thanks to the gentle mafi thermal treatment

- Which furnishing style does the rough sawn feel go best with? 
approx. 2 minutes 

Fine surface texture and warm brown tones meet in the OAK Vulcano Medium and create an exceptionally exciting look. The natural oiling underlines the light brown play of colors of the thermally treated wood and at the same time enhances the pleasant feel of the textured surface.  

A floor that causes a sensation. A visual highlight, with a sea of fine line textures, a pure barefoot pleasure. A floor with an everyday wellness effect.

Every day a wellness day: New surface texture provides an interesting look and a pleasant feel

If you wanted to create a floor that combines naturalness and sensuality, the result would be the mafi OAK Vulcano Medium rough saw texture, natural oil.
The friendly, light to medium brown tone of the oak planks is inviting and ensures a certain comfort and stylish coziness. The saw pattern set at 90° to the length and grain makes the surface appear very extravagant, but not exaggerated. On the contrary – depending on the lighting, this fine texturing is sometimes more and sometimes less noticeable. 
What is guaranteed, however, is the everyday wellness effect with which this parquet floor pampers its users every day when they walk barefoot, lie down, meditate or practice yoga asanas on it.

A natural wood floor that affects all the senses.

Earthy light brown thanks to gentle thermal treatment

One could easily say "we bake" our wooden slats. With great sensitivity. With a lot of patience. And above all, gentle and chemical-free. 
With the mafi thermal treatment, the wood is dried, without the addition of chemicals, only with water, wind and heat. The longer the wood is exposed to the heat, the darker it becomes – the result is beautiful caramel tones to almost black planks.  
A perfect alternative to tropical woods – beautiful colors without a guilty conscience.

OAK Vulcano Medium, rough saw texture – For which style of living is this new product best suited?

The new surface exudes an unmistakable, handcrafted charm, similar to that of roughly sawn boards. But don't worry, despite its name, the surface does not feel rough on the soles of your feet, but pleasantly velvety. 
This warm-brown, excitingly textured oak flooring harmonizes particularly well with the classic, but also modern interpreted country house style, which thrives precisely from this rustic charm and perfectly complements this rustic furnishing style. 
But also the always trendy industrial look benefits from the strong and rough look of this hard-wearing natural wood flooring. Home accessories from the flea market, used furniture in the industrial style, weathered surfaces, unplastered walls are the ideal companions for this raw oak floor.

In general, it can be said that this idiosyncratic, charming surface appearance gives elongated rooms a strong broadening effect. Because the deliberately irregular line texture, always running in the direction of the width, additionally emphasizes the board width and thus enormously reduces any length dominance.  
Maintain and clean the OAK Vulcano Medium, rough saw texture, naturally oiled, as usual with the mafi wooden floor soap, which cleans and maintains the floor at the same time.  

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