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Ash parquet intended for the restaurant and bar area


- Cor ash, brushed, graphite gray oiled: Extremely resistant. Modern. Vibrant. 
- Easy matching: contemporary interior design with Cor ash 
- care and cleaning in just one wipe

READING TIME: 2 minutes

The look is not neglected either: vibrant grain, typical brown core and the finish with gray oil give the natural wood parquet an incredibly modern and elegant appearance.

Extremely durable floor with an exciting look and modern charm. Areas subject to heavy wear, such as restaurants or offices, benefit from the extremely robust surface of Cor Ash.

Modern, vibrant look: Cor ash with graphite gray oiling

Typical ash: This type of wood is known for its extremely charming,vibrant grain and the extraordinary colour of the core. Each square centimeter of this board is a work of art with an individual character. Ehen laid in the room, the individual planks are interwoven into an impressive total area that exudes a very natural charm.  
The finish with graphite-gray linseed oil reduces the vibrancy of the ash parquet somewhat, resulting in an elegant homogenization of the surface, which on the one hand appears modern and cool, yet does not lose any of its inviting, friendly appearance. 
What makes it particularly practical is its amazing robustness: it is equal to oak in terms of resistance and the first choice for high traffic surfaces, such as in offices or restaurants


Timeless furnishing with ash wood

The graphite gray ash is extremely uncomplicated and allows a lot of freedom when furnishing. Every interior, whether oak or light pine, can be easily combined with it. This ash parquet floor is also very versatile in terms of living colors - from warm rust tones to cool pastel colors and classic black and white, the timeless gray tone of the board harmonizes perfectly  
Modern room concepts benefit from ash parquet because the vibrant look and the multitude of details in the wood bring a lot of naturalness to the room. This ensures a cozy, warm feeling in spite of contemporary furniture and cool-looking architecture. Exposed concrete, steel, fine stoneware or other types of wood - ash goes well with any material and is therefore a timeless companion. 

Oiled, natural wood parquet is easy to care for and sustainable

The high fat content in the mafi wood floor soap means the floor is automatically maintained with every wipe. The valuable ingredients of the soap can penetrate into the open-pored wood surface and nourish deep into any wood fiber.  
The oiled wood surface is also a big plus when it comes to sustainability. Thus, small blemishes and any stains can simply be removed at certain points without treating the entire surface, as is the case with lacquered or sealed floors.  
Over the years and decades, the oiled natural wood floor has a beautiful patina and a surface that becomes increasingly resistant and robust. 

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