09.05.2017Products of the month

BEECH Vulcano Fresco Arcolino

Length: 2400mm
Width: 185mm
Thickness: 16|19mm
Surface: milled, white oiled

The mafi Fresco Arcolino floor seems discreet and yet noticeable, which makes it a multi-talent for all rooms, even bathrooms.

The floors of the Fresco Collection especially find their way more often into bathrooms, wellness areas or fitness rooms. The three-dimensional surface and direct contact with the wood invite you to just go barefoot. And this, right here is where we have the technical difference. The special nature of the surface finishing of mafi floors allows advanced applications of wood floors in areas with higher water or moisture contact. To protect the wood, the planks are refined with natural oils. Unlike with many other manufacturers, we allow the oil to penetrate deeply into the wood and cure from the inside out. Thus, no isolating layer is created between people and the floor, the surface stays body temperature and the pores of the wood remain open.

Through these pores, a higher amount of water than usual can penetrate into the wood which is then released back into the room climate at normal room temperature. To stabilise the planks, mafi relies on a symmetrical 3-layer construction which massively reduces the swelling and shrinkage behaviour.

The surface of the Arcolino Floor is barely visible but structured to be clearly noticeable. The fine, smooth grooves are a boon for stressed feet and at the same time provide an optical style element for the naturalness of wood. The base material is a thermally-optimised Beech which is distinguished by clear annual rings and almost no knots. This thermo treatment also ensures a reduction of the "working" of the wood, which easily allows for installation on underfloor heating.