13.02.2018Products of the month

COR Ash brushed graphite grey oiled

Surface: brushed grey oiled
Length: 1800/2000/2400mm
Width: 155/185/240mm
Thickness: 16|19mm

The mafi Ash floors are an exciting and high-quality alternative for all those who are a little tired of Oak.

Looking for something new? With the mafi COR Ash, mafi is bringing a largely underestimated wood type back into the limelight. Ash has been on the decline in the furniture industry for some decades. Other forms of processing, such as a baseball bat, also have a long tradition. In the wood floor area, the highest quality is needed in all areas to make Ash more socially acceptable. Thus, the mafi COR Ash is made with the usual high-quality, symmetrical three-layer construction. The surface is finished with natural oils and thus remains completely authentic and breathable. Installation on underfloor heating is also not a problem.

Sustainability through diversity

As a wood-processing business, sustainability for us is more than just a buzzword or a marketing gag. Quite simply, it is a long-term and vital strategy to help protect the raw materials which make our existence possible. No wood, no wooden floor.

For us, sustainability means the optimum use of as much of the raw material as possible on the one hand, and on the other hand, an expansion of the range of raw materials to enable a recovery period for affected stocks. The high intensification on Oak in the floor industry is an example of this. With Ash, which by the way is technically as good as Oak, we try to offer a good alternative. For us, this involves not only the raw material. We find that the COR Ash offers a lot of very interesting features along with a natural look.

The mafi COR Ash is a play on a quiet, knotty image and a concise grain

A few tiny knots adorn the planks of the mafi COR Ash. In addition to smaller, cemented tension cracks the grade of the floor was key. Additionally, the COR Ash stands out with its visible grain.

We feel the contrast to a rather cool-looking surface, such as the graphite grey oiled variant, rather exciting. On the basis of Ash’s natural colour, a slightly grey-looking, timeless surface is created, that however thanks to the grain delivers a strong wood reference. In modern, reduced furnishing concepts, the new mafi COR Ash brushed graphite grey oiled floor achieves a durable base which does not need to hide from a comparison with Oak floors.