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Coral OAK black hand-planed natural oiled

1800/2000/2400/4000/5000 mm

185/240/260/280/300 mm

16|19 mm

An old acquaintance with a new name! The Magic Collection is taken into the Coral with a hand-planed surface.

Plank by plank, hand-planed. Accented by natural features such as knots and artistically integrated cracks, which are filled in with black wood putty. This includes a foot-warm, natural oiled surface - this extremely lively and bright floor plank Coral Oak Black from mafi is a walkable artwork.

The planing and processing by hand ensures a pleasant feel and an individual, very distinctive appearance for each customer. Characteristic for the mafi Coral Collection are long cracks which are emphasised effectively by the coloured wood putty. This makes the planks an exclusive design element, which gives rooms a special atmosphere and more volume. The cracks are already part of the wood before processing and are subsequently reworked by hand and harmonised. In this way, the lines run like veins lengthwise along the plank. Thanks to the hand planing, the parquet gets additional marks which further underline its authentic character.

Fascinating detail: the colour of the cracks can be freely chosen by the customer and for example, customised to a brand identity or interior design.

The durable Oak planks are made even more robust and extremely easy to clean thanks to oiling. The healthy living natural wood floor has grown over many years due to high demand. Thanks to the open-pored surface, the wood can fully release its balancing effects on the room climate. Thus, the Coal Oak combines innovative design and sustainability.