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Coral Oak Vulcano CC - a walk-in work of art

- Creativity and naturalness combined: Coral Oak Vulcano CC from mafi 
- Color filling as an individual design elemen 
- Healthy living room climate thanks to the open-pore wood surface

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Think out of the box: This is the motto of Oak Coral from mafi.
Each plank is customized, produced in the desired color and then finished with natural oil. Corporate customers in particular benefit from the ability to easily incorporate their corporate design into the colors of the interior.  

A lot of manual work is involved in the production of the artistic coral planks: Thus, existing cracks in the wood surface are skillfully enhanced by hand and then filled with the desired color.

Naturalness meets creativity: customizable coral oak for extravagant room concepts


The production of the coral planks requires a lot of dexterity, manual skills and creativity from our production team. In the spirit of sustainability, we welcome the naturally occurring crevices in the wood and even elevate them as a style feature in their own right. Thus, the crevices along the plank are deepened and widened by hand, and finally filled in with the desired color. This means that every color along the RAL spectrum is available. 
What makes the colors especially radiant is the dark color of Vulcano oak.  
The chemical-free mafi thermal treatment changes the normally light honey tone of oak wood to a rich chocolate brown. Only by means of heat and water is this elegant color tone created, which is further emphasized with the natural oil finish.   

Each floorboard as individual as the customers themselves

Especially for corporate customers, Coral Oak Vulcano CC is an ideal design option for incorporating the company's own corporate design into the interior in terms of color. In no time at all, a coherent and, above all, unmistakable, integrated brand identity is created, which can also be experienced in the room concept, thus arousing emotions.  
But it is also a great pleasure to give the room concept its own personal touch in the private sphere and to also reflect the desired interior colors in the floor surface.  
Colors and materials are crucial to the atmosphere of a room.  
The natural, pleasant to the touch wood surface of coral oak succeeds in creating an inviting, calming feel-good flair. While the chosen color of the crevices exude a certain air of luxury.  

A healthy indoor climate thanks to an open-pored wooden surface

The naturally oiled Coral Oak Vulcano CC impresses, like all mafi planks, with its open-pored, matte surface. When walking barefoot on the floorboards, one experiences the special properties of wood directly on one's skin: due to the treatment with natural oil, which penetrates deep into every wood fiber, the floorboard always feels warm to the body. The brushed oak wood is also noticeably velvety and slip resistant.  
The indoor climate is also demonstrably influenced in a positive way by the natural wood. 
Due to the open porosity, the plank can absorb moisture from the air and release it back into the room. Thus, the wooden floor acts as an air conditioner and creates a clearly perceptible healthy and fresh indoor atmosphere.  

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