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Dark panel parquet as a versatile base: OAK Vulcano panel parquet type B, brushed, naturally oiled


- Elegant and versatile: OAK Vulcano panel parquet type B, brushed, naturally oiled

- Panel parquet as the basis for modern room concepts

- Using chemical-free mafi thermal treatment to create exciting, dark colors

- All mafi panel parquet types at a glance

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Elegant, timeless and anything but "classic" - The dark panel parquet offers exciting furnishing options far from ordinary room concepts.

mafi OAK Vulcano panel parquet type B, brushed and naturally oiled, gives any room a very earthy and warm atmosphere with a touch of extravagance and elegance.

Elegance meets naturalness: OAK Vulcano panel parquet type B, brushed, naturally oiled

The rich dark brown and the elegant brushed matte surface of this panel parquet is an invitation to step closer and fully absorb this special room atmosphere it radiates. The brown tone is reminiscent of tobacco and creates an earthy feel-good base that harmonizes with any interior style.
Type B panel parquet has a very straightforward and simple design - that is why it is preferred for contemporary interior design.

The boards are arranged straight and framed by a classic frieze.
With its generous format of 70 x 70 cm and the puristic pattern it looks airy and modern.
The almost one-square-meter panel parquet visually enlarges any room and conveys a certain elegance, without appearing aloof.

Modern living and comfort with panel parquet


When one thinks of panel parquet, one inevitably thinks of Schönbrunn Palace or even the French court with its legendary Versailles Palace. The combination of panel parquet with interiors tinged with baroque is also a really wonderful addition to this classical style.
The result: a timeless and absolutely exceptional living environment that exudes an elegant and inviting ambience.

It gets exciting, not to mention creative, when you combine the supposedly classic panel parquet with a cubist kitchen block in contrasting colors like white or light gray. Equally interesting is the combination of dark panel parquet with modern materials such as exposed concrete or with industrial style furniture.This creates a deliberate tension between old and new, which makes for a very unusual and extravagant style of living.

Absolutely welcome also is the juxtaposition of retro furniture in bright colors as a mix of styles with the time-honored parquet. After all, vibrant colors or very light interior colors stand out particularly well against the dark parquet.

Dark tones thanks to the natural Vulcano thermal process


Oak wood is actually very light, isn't it? How is it then that Vulcano oak panel parquet appears so dark? - A legitimate question whose answer makes this panel parquet immediately all the more appealing.
The traditional method of achieving a dark shade of oak is either staining or smoking with ammonia fumes or applying colored varnish. Quite different with mafi.

Using chemical-free mafi thermal processing, the board is exposed only to wind, water and heat. Depending on the amount of time this treatment is applied, the oak wood becomes increasingly darker. Therefore, the color palette of oak parquet ranges from medium brown to dark brown and almost black.

Best of all, the thermal process also makes the board more durable, and the dark coloration permeates the entire wood, not just the surface, as with other processes.


There are a total of four different panel parquet designs from mafi, each 70 x 70 cm in size with a total thickness of 19mm: 

Type A: "The Artistic" 

In the center part of this panel parquet design, the planks are arranged at an angle of 45  and artfully framed by a frieze. This geometric, uncluttered pattern goes wonderfully with both classic and modern interior styles.

Type B: "The Geometric"

The type B panel parquet is simple and airy: A frieze frames the five straight boards of equal length. A design that catches the eye, but still acts as a subtle floor decoration.

Type C: "The Noble"

This design has an extremely strong recognition factor. For instance, there is a cross in the center of the square frieze frame. The resulting triangular areas around the cross are filled by increasingly shorter wooden elements.

Type D: "The Extravagant"

The name says it all: magnificent as in the days of Louis XIV, this uniquely interwoven pattern is considered a parquet classic par excellence and adds a very extravagant touch to any room.

mafi panel parquet therefore offers various designs to make the most diverse living ideas a practical reality. However, all mafi panel parquet designs have one thing in common - their high-quality board construction, which gives them all enormous dimensional stability and a long service life.

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