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Douglas parquet and its hundred faces

- Douglas fir and its unique look  

- Modern living flair with Douglas fir parquet with a width of up to 30 cm 

- This is how healthy the Douglas fir is 
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Douglas fir parquet is simply impressive, sometimes even breathtaking – given the incredible dimensions in which Douglas fir planks are available: these softwood floorboards can measure up to five meters in length, with widths of up to 30 cm. 

Douglas fir wood has a hundred faces – each square centimeter shows a play of colors between shades of rose and warm honey. Friendly grain and scattered branches tell stories about hundreds of years ago, because that's how old these adaptable forest giants get.

Douglas fir parquet flooring – uniquely beautiful and robust

Douglas fir is one of the hardest coniferous woods – which makes it the ideal companion for domestic and commercial applications. Even the stresses of daily life in the kitchen are no problem for this robust softwood parquet – quite the opposite, in fact. The wood surface is well protected against any stains and scratches by oiling with natural oil. Regular wiping with mafi wood soap and the caring greases it contains renews this protective film. Thus, over the years and decades, an unmistakeable individual patina is built up.  
Visually, the Douglas fir is a real eye-catcher – especially its color tone between rosé and warm sand, unique among coniferous woods. The extremely lively grain is somewhat reminiscent of larch wood and the small and large knots loosen up the overall appearance.


Modern living with Douglas fir

The natural surface will win you over with its special color and very friendly appearance. Scandinavian furnishing styles that thrive precisely on this interplay between natural originality and purism benefit precisely from this very natural charm and the playful grain. Purist interiors in simple geometric shapes therefore stand out particularly beautifully against this unique parquet. 
Modern living styles, consisting of cool materials, such as glass or brushed metal, and equally sleek furniture, are also an exciting contrast to the lively Douglas fir parquet, which lends the living space, despite its cool minimalism, a sense of comfort. Classical or traditional styles of living harmoniously combine with the coniferous wood and celebrate uniformity in appearance, mood and materiality.

Oversize is the new chic: Wide plank widths and the same wood type running throughout the home are more fashionable than ever. Large plank formats can also be laid in small rooms, which lends the room a sense of width and visually enlarges it. No problem with the Douglas fir – here, you can choose between 24 cm and 30 cm in width. The lengths are also breathtaking – the possibilities range from 1.98 m to 5 m.

As if from a single mold, the choice of materials: parquet flooring in the living area, kitchen and bathroom to the bedrooms generates harmony and tranquility within your own four walls. This pleases not only the eyes of the beholder, but also the soles of their feet. Especially barefoot, the always-warm-to-the-touch and unadulterated surface makes all the difference.  

How health benefits from biophilic architecture

The Douglas fir parquet is easy to maintain and repair because it is exclusively oiled and can therefore be repaired in spots without destroying the existing surface. It is therefore a long-term investment for sustainable living.  
But the coniferous parquet also scores in terms of healthy living, because its open-pored nature allows it to absorb moisture in the room and release it back into the room without any problems. Ergo, inhabitants automatically benefit from a noticeably fresh and pleasant indoor climate that has been proven to promote concentration and sleep.  
Biophilic architecture is on the rise for precisely this reason and makes use of this knowledge concerning the positive properties of wood. Parquet can not only be laid on the floor, but also on the wall and ceiling, as stairs and doors, and much more.  
In short: wood is ingenious. That's why at mafi, we keep it natural and unadulterated. 

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