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Extraordinary feel-good flair with USA walnut, sanded, naturally oiled


- Elegant and lively at the same time: walnut parquet from mafi

- This is how robust walnut is

- Straightforward care with mafi wood soap

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The striking structure of the tree rings, isolated branches, splinter inclusions and a lively grain gives this hardwood its particularly beautiful design and an intense coloring.

Robust, unmistakably dark and with character: USE WALNUT by mafi

Elegance and liveliness combined in mafi walnut parquet

Elegant and lively - this best describes the look of a natural wood floor made of walnut.

The distinctive structure of the tree rings, isolated knots, sapwood inclusions and a lively grain give this extremely resistant hardwood its particularly beautiful pattern as well as an intense coloring.

Chocolate brown, shiny and full of character, this floor lends dignity to estates and large halls in particular and creates a classic ambiance. Its above-average hardness also makes it extremely durable against everyday wear. When it comes to flexibility, walnut leaves nothing to be desired. It adapts to any style of living in no time at all. From dignified classic to modern Japandi style, walnut acts as the perfect basis.

mafi USA WALNUT, sanded, naturally oiled in three words: Elegant. Robust. Lively.

This is how robust a natural wood floor made of walnut is

Walnut wood has been used for generations for the production of fine furniture, instruments and also parquet floors. When it comes to flooring, the powerful appearance and resistance are particularly appreciated. With USA WALNUT sanded and naturally oiled, mafi has a parquet in its collection that consistently meets these demands and creates accents with its elegance and timelessness.

The typical mafi symmetrical three-layer construction with longitudinal bevel and tongue and groove on all sides not only provides maximum stability, but also allows for continuous layering. Moreover, by sanding the surface, the wood structure can be optimally treated. In addition, this surface treatment enhances the high-quality appearance.

Straightforward care with mafi wood soap


As a healthy natural wood floor from mafi, USA WALNUT is distinguished not only by its polished finish, but also by its open-pored, linseed oil-based surface: The biological and low irritant oil penetrates the wood deeply, preserves its dark grace and allows it to fully develop its beneficial effect on the indoor climate.

However, this naturally oiled floor surface brings with it a multitude of other advantages.
A big plus is the care provided by mafi wood soap, which cleans and cares for the floor in one wipe.

Even stains and signs of wear can be removed selectively with hot water and a high dose of the soap without having to refinish the entire floor.

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