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Fir parquet interpreted in a modern way: Originality meets modernity


- The brand new surface from mafi: FIR, brushed, natural silver 

- Perfectly combined: gray fir parquet in modern architecture

- A straightforward companion - cleaning and care in one step

approx. 2 minutes

Is there a natural wood floor that adapts to any lifestyle? Yes, the fir, brushed, natural silver can do that. From cozy farmhouse parlors to contemporary architecture, this exceptional fir parquet is the perfect stage for the individual dream home. 

A natural wood parquet made from winter-felled fir trees from local mountain forests – healthy and inviting.

New surface: fir parquet in natural silver


The brand new natural silver surface gives the fir wood with its typical knots and lively grain a very homogeneous and sophisticated look. 
The gray naturalization has the effect that the liveliness of the wood can still be experienced visually, but no longer comes to the fore so intensely. The result is a parquet that still combines the coziness and naturalness of a fir floor, but at the same time impresses with elegant color and contemporary spirit. Therefore, the always friendly and extremely lively surface of the fir becomes in no time a natural wood floor of the highest quality, which appears in an elegant medium gray and gives any room a very modern ambience. 
The fir parquet scores particularly well with people who care about sustainability and environmental protection. The stable raw material, for example, comes from winter-cut tree trunks from native mountain forests. In this way, transportation can be kept short and sustainable forestry in the region can be supported. 
The mafi FIR, brushed, silver, natured in three words: Natural. Modern. Low maintenance. 

Naturally cozy: fir wood in modern architecture

However, the natural silver fir floor inspires not only with its unique look, but also with its impressive lengths of up to five meters with widths between 22 and 30 cm.  
With its elegant design, the fir wood integrates with any lifestyle and creates the perfect stage for a living environment that exudes a lot of naturalness and coziness, but without looking rustic.
The natural wood flooring with a natural silver finish fits perfectly with modern as well as traditional interior concepts and thus covers a wide range of creative living ideas. 
Bold living room colors in red or cobalt blue contrast perfectly with the medium gray hue of the floor and really make pop art art and bold retro furniture shine
But also a modern interior style with black, cubist interior and discreet walls in white or light gray harmonize perfectly with the natural silver fir parquet.

Easy: cleaning and maintenance of the fir parquet

Care and cleaning of the fir floor is easily done in one step, or rather in one wipe.  
Because regular wiping with water and the mafi wood floor soap cleans the wood surface and the valuable fats contained therein maintains it at the same time. Any bumps and stains are best dealt with using hot water and a high dose of soap. The warmth of the water causes the dirt from the pores to penetrate back to the surface and is removed from there, ideally with a cotton cloth. 
Also, the wood fibers of the very soft coniferous wood always reposition themselves through regular wipe care, whereby minor injuries in the parquet disappear again. Over the years, the natural wood floor develops a very individual, unique patina - typical of fir parquet.

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