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Imposing wide planks for optical width:
OAK Select Wide-Plank, brushed, natural oil


 - A timeless classic floor for every furnishing style

 - What combines best with a naturally oiled, real hardwood floor?

- Important detail: high-quality plank construction for outstanding stability

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If you want a timeless natural wood floor that can really adapt to any furnishing style, the calm, naturally oiled mafi OAK Select Wide-Plank are the right choice.  

The carefully selected, uniform oak planks, the pleasantly warm color, and the impressive plank widths of up to 30 cm make this natural wood floor something really special.

A true classic

mafi OAK Select wide plank, brushed, natural oil could be a truly uncomplicated companion on your life's journey.

The almost knot-free oak planks inspire with a rather calming appearance, only occasionally interrupted by individual knots and the typical oak grain.
The linseed-based natural oil finish emphasizes the warm color of the oak for a perfectly cozy, timeless look. With extra-wide planks of up to 30 cm wide and lengths between four and five meters, this flooring is particularly suitable for large rooms that require space and a certain generosity. These extra wide planks also make smaller rooms seem larger. Since the wood is quite uniform in appearance, this clear oak hardwood can be easily combined with any interior style and a wide variety of color trends.

Which furnishing style fits best with the "naturally oiled Oak Select"?

The answer is short and sweet: every furnishing style.

The balanced appearance of the oak surface with minimal knotting easily adapts to any room concept. Whether you have a favorite style or are following the latest trend,  this oak hardwood will, like no other, harmonize perfectly and adapt well over many years. Whether popular design classics, family heirlooms, sleek Scandinavian modern, or Mid-Century Modern in bright colors, this reserved oak floor offers the perfect stage for every taste. For any time. For every living trend.

When it comes to design colors, the oak adapts perfectly to its residents' tastes. Warm rust and brown tones work just as well as cool pastels. Timeless beige and white as well as the more than fifty shades of gray also match this classic hardwood with perfection.

The plank's symmetrical, three-layer structure guarantees durability and dimensional stability

When choosing a natural wood floor, it's not just the surface that should be  important, but also the entire structure of the plank. After all, what good is a beautiful floor if gaps form or the boards buckle after a few years?

The symmetrical three-layer structure in mafi's engineered hardwood products reduces the natural movement of the wood and ensures high dimensional stability. What's special about mafi's construction, though, is the material: the same wood is always used for both the top and bottom layers with the same thermal treatment. A soft, very flexible softwood is used for the middle layer that successfully absorbs the movements of the upper and lower layers of wood as an ideal counter to the tensions in the plank. Even with extra-wide or extra-long planks, excellent stability and durability are guaranteed.

The mafi OAK Select Wide-Plank, brushed, natural oil: quite simply timeless. Natural. Stable.

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