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Japandi style with almost black oak parquet

- Thermo-treated oak parquet as a linear base for an Australian family home 
- Japandi style celebrates simplicity and contrast 

- Innovative mafi thermal treatment: Dark floors made of local woods 
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The mafi Nero Oak Vulcano is the sustainable answer to tropical woods.

Dark woods, strong contrasts and minimalism – Keywords for the Japandi interior trend style. The blend of Japanese style elements and Scandinavian linearity shows how homely and cozy interior design can be with dark colors.

Nero Oak Vulcano: Almost black parquet for extravagant room concepts

Oak wood is naturally warm and light but our chemical-free thermal treatment darkens the shade a great deal. The product name Vulcano Nero describes the result achieved: an almost black parquet in a rich dark brown.  
The dark natural wood boards are then finished with linseed oil, which emphasizes the grain and color shade. The Nero OAK Vulcano celebrates the look of avant-garde elegance. Properly combined with light walls and interior, you can create a timeless room concept with a very clear touch. The dark oak parquet harmonizes with the most diverse types of wood and interior colors - a basis that knows how to adapt to any style. 
Brushed, naturally oiled OAK Nero Vulcano in three words: Elegant. Hard-wearing. Sustainable.

Japandi Stil: Wenn Eleganz auf Geradlinigkeit trifft


In addition to the classic living style, the purist Japandi style can be combined with the dark OAK Nero Vulcano. Japandi combines two worlds: Japanese simplicity and Scandinavian naturalness, creating spaces that are functional and peaceful while still looking welcoming and friendly.  
This family house in Richmond, Australia, places particular emphasis on sustainable living materials and strong contrasts. The color palette is so simple that you can call it impressive: black and white, without exception. The kitchen block with an integrated bar in matt black stands out clearly from the rest of the room's light color, the black wall-mounted radiator acts as a stylish accent on the wall next to a simple black-on-white art print. The interior was also selected with a great deal of sensitivity: here, cantilevered tubular steel chairs and other retro design classics decorate the living rooms.  
The only splash of color is the sliding door in bright turquoise, which acts as a real focal point. The feel of the wall paneling in the hallway of the staircase is impressive, with an organic texture in a light mud tone that draws attention to itself  
In addition to color contrasts, there are also numerous visual and tactile contrasts in this unique furnishing concept: oak, curved steel, leather, stone and glass.

Ecological thermal treatment for dark shades

In addition to fine shades, the chemical-free thermal treatment provides a variety of advantages: the natural shrinkage and swelling behavior of the wood is reduced and the floorboard becomes more resistant.  
To maintain the beautiful, dark shade of the floorboards, we recommend a monthly mopping with warm water and mafi wood soap. The soap cleans the floor and at the same time supplies the floorboards with nourishing fats, which on the one hand make the surface more resistant to stains and on the other hand preserve the fine dark brown.  

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