18.12.2017Products of the month

LARCH brushed deep white natured

Lengths: 2480/4000/5000mm
Widths: 190/220/240/260/280/300mm
Thickness: 16|19mm

This Larch in combination with the new deep-white naturalised surface is a nearly snow-white country house plank, which still retains the distinctive grain of the wood.

Larch has been on the rise for years. This characterful softwood convinces architects, designers and end customers on all continents across the Earth. The plank is characterised by a beautiful grain and a clearly identifiable knotty appearance. Even though this is a so-called softwood, this Larch is a relatively robust coniferous wood and is one of the hardest woods in this segment, alongside the Douglas Fir.

Larch has fascinated people for ages both in its classic natural tone and especially in bright designs. With this brand new deep-white naturalised surface, mafi offers a completely new variant of a bright, oiled surface. It creates an entirely homogeneous look without losing the natural shades of the Larch. It is fascinating to take a look at the grain which, despite the dominant white colour, is still visible and can be really experienced through brushing.

Care of this surface remains faithful to the existing mafi system. At regular intervals, the floor is cleaned with warm water and the mafi wood floor soap white and thus equally maintained. The deep-white naturalised surface is extremely colour-stable and responds less to direct UV radiation.