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Larch brushed lye treated white oiled

Lengths: 2480/4000/5000 mm

Widths: 190/220 mm

Thickness: 16|21 mm

Surface: brushed lye treated white oiled

A Larch natural wood floor gives a room character

The naturally lively look of Larch wood floors is familiar to many in the Alpine region. A clear grain and authentic knot appearance provide a comfortable atmosphere and fit perfectly to the Scandinavian or Country House style. An interesting variety is the Larch brushed, leached and white oiled - the planks are structurally rich in contrast and combine in their bright base colour both warmth and elegance. If the overall interior concept is more modern and reduced, this fine-grained natural wood floor creates an excellent balance to the somewhat cool-looking ambience.

The leaching of softwood floors is traditionally done to make the colour a little brighter and highlight the distinctive grain. The brushing of the planks in the fibre direction also emphasises the natural growth characteristics. The application of mafi’s white wood floor oil not only completes the finishing process visually but also thanks to the open-pored surface, the wood remains warm and, above all, breathable. That is why natural wood floors from mafi contribute to a healthy indoor climate.

Larch leached and white oiled is an easy-care and hard-wearing parquet with a high-quality three-layer construction, which is suitable for both residential and commercial use. It is available in different sizes and thicknesses of 16 or 21mm. As a wide-plank with lengths of 4 or 5m and widths of 19 to 30cm, this natural wood floor is particularly beautiful and gives each room its own personal character.

TIP: Larch leached and white oiled is indeed a very bright, almost white natural wood floor with an open-pored surface. But it is by no means sensitive - even coffee or red wine stains can be gently and easily removed with highly concentrated mafi wood floor soap, lightener and care oil balm. The online video gallery shows how it works: click here.