28.09.2017Products of the month

Larch Vulcano

Lengths: 2480/4000/5000mm
Widths: 190/220/260/280/300
Thickness: 16/21mm
Surface: heavily brushed extremely lye treated natural oiled

The combination of the natural colours of the LARCH Vulcano and the new extremely leached surface variant intensifies the grain appearance of this wonderful wood.

The LARCH Vulcano is a floor full of character which boasts vibrant colours. So far, available in the natural or white oiled variants, this parquet floor is classified in the yellowish brown corner of the colour spectrum.

Surface innovation allows wood to be experienced more

With the new surface treatment, the Larch Vulcano gets not only an antique look, but also a clearly noticeable structure that emphasises the grain at the same time. This new look is achieved through a combination of brush technique, Lye and oiling.

First, the larch is heavily brushed. This removes the soft wood particles from the plank. Primarily, this protects against fractures but also creates an authentic wood surface, which allows the natural material to be really experienced.

Only natural materials for finishing

Thereafter, the Larch is intensely refined with lye and oil. This increases the robustness of the floor on the one hand and on the other hand creates this special weathered look. Also with this surface treatment, no harmful materials are used but instead purely natural materials.