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Larch wood conquers the modern world of furnishing: The "LARCH Wide-Plank, brushed, white oil"


- As if old-fashioned: The mafi "LARCH Wide-Plank, brushed, white oil" in contemporary architecture

- Don't fear light natural wood floors: Floor care is so easy

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Larch floors are on the rise again, whether for classic, rustic, or modern room concepts. The larch floor is always the perfect fit for the circumstances at hand and exudes a lot of character.

Larch parquet flooring is fascinating with its very natural appearance. Countless knots and the vivid grain give every room a feel-good atmosphere. Particularly light oiling allows the larch wood to harmonize perfectly with the modern interior.

The white-oiled mafi larch: a character floor for simple room concepts

The larch wood is one of the softer coniferous woods and is extremely popular thanks to its markedly vivid appearance. Its surface is characterized by an exciting grain and isolated knots. This striking wood surface is precisely what gives every room a whole lot of comfort. The naturally warm color of the larch is greatly diminished by the refining step of oiling that involves white natural oil based on linseed oil. The result is a bright and modern look that is excellent in combination for new architectural concepts as well.

Like all mafi planks, the "LARCH Wide-Plank, brushed, white oil" is made with a symmetrical three-layer structure that guarantees excellent durability and longevity. The top and bottom layers, which are made of the same wood, reduce the natural movement of the wood and minimize occasional cupping or warping of the floor. In addition to the high-quality plank structure, the plank width of the larch is also very impressive. This width ranges from 19 to 30 cm and gives rooms an enormous optical breadth.

So which furnishing style best fits larch wood planks?

We know the vivid surface appearance of the larch from cozy farmhouse rooms or homely cabins.
By now, however, the universally popular larch wood has already found its way into the home environment of today. Especially when laid as a wide plank, it supports the contemporary look of spacious rooms.

The white oiling gives the larch wood a contemporary and refreshing appearance, making it beautiful in combination with a linear, modern interior. Due to its naturalness and the special, prominent surface appearance, the wood gives even the most modern furnishing concepts a whole lot of traction and comfort.

In addition to the trendy Scandi Chic style, the white-oiled, pleasant larch wood is still used for the classic country house style as well as for rustic furnishing environments.

You can find out more about possible furnishing styles here: https://mafi.com/en/why-mafi/interior-styles


Simple and easy: maintaining the white-oiled larch

open-pored, for example, it can keep "breathing," that is, absorbing moisture in the room and releasing it back into the room. An immense factor that contributes to a healthy indoor climate.

But don't worry, if you regularly wipe the floor with lukewarm water and wood soap, you will clean the floor while at the same time maintaining it. After all, the fats contained in the soap give the floor a stain-resistant surface.
If a little mishap occurs anyway, grease or red-wine stains can easily be removed with pure soap and hot water.

The mafi "LARCH Wide-Plank, brushed, white oil" in three words: Durable. Natural. Low-maintenance.

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