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Live creatively with extravagant golden coral oak


-Gold Coral Oak: Artistic parquet becomes an eye-catcher in your home 

- Natural wood flooring with golden accents conquers the furnishing world  

-Simple maintenance and repair of mafi natural wood floors 

READING TIME: approx. 2 minutes

Gold coral oak can be matched with a variety of lifestyles: The surface with typical oak grain is complemented by elaborate cracks that are filled in gold and become a unique work of art.  

Glitz and glamour in your living room: Naturally oiled coral oak is a special parquet floor that really impresses with gold-filled cracks and warm wood shade. The first choice for room concepts that consciously want to move away from the mainstream.

Glamour and naturalness come together in gold coral oak

"Walk on art" – that's what we are talking about here.  
The oak grain and the unmistakable color of this popular type of wood is complemented by artistic cracks, which are filled by hand in gold. Thus, beautiful arms of coral extend along the oak floorboards, emphasizing the length of the boards and providing the extravagant look of this creative design.  
The naturalness and strong character of these floorboards are emphasized by the oil finish based on linseed oil, which not only gives the wood a unique look, but also provides each fiber with valuable fats and nurtures the wood deep inside. What remains is a pleasantly warm surface that is impressive both from the visual and tactile point of view.


From retro to modern - coral oak coral can be combined in so many different ways

The gold color was selected with a lot of flair and perfectly suited to the color nuance of the oak wood. The cracks still function as extremely exciting accents, but they create a harmonious picture over the entire surface that radiates a lot of coziness and warmth.

The coral oak is able to adapt to a variety of different furnishing styles 
Colorful retro furniture or extravagant vintage interiors are transformed into a total work of art when combined with this special parquet. A classic interior made of walnut or oak merges with this timeless floor to create a harmonious oasis of well-being.  Modern interior design benefits from the enormous comfort that emanates from this creative surface with all its rich details. 

Cleaned and maintained with a simple wipe

It is not only the surface that is appealing here, but also the easy maintenance of this natural wood parquet.  
Cleaning and maintenance in one step: Simply mix mafi wood soap with warm water and mop the natural wood parquet with it. The soap removes dirt from the floorboards, high-quality fats nurture the wood and reinforce it against stains and possible damage. Over the years, the surface becomes more stable and a unique patina embellishes the entire surface. Where the surfaces of varnished or coated floors degrade over the years, mafi parquet builds up a protective surface with regular mopping. 
If something should happen, you can successfully remove isolated stains with pure soap and hot water, which you massage into the floorboard in the direction of the grain. 

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