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Live creatively with OAK black corals, hand-planed, naturally oiled 


-A visual and haptic experience: parquet with a hand-planed wooden surface 
-Creative natural wood planks for a particularly exclusive flair 

- Biophilic interior design: This is how healthy wood can truly be 

READING DURATION: approx. 2 minutes 

Hand-planed, board for board. Accentuated by natural features such as knots and artfully incorporated cracks, which are highlighted in black. A floor for individuals who long for something special and extravagant. 

An old acquaintance with a new name! The Magic Collection is taken into the Coral with a hand-planed surface.

The exciting look and feel of the coral OAK black, hand-planed, naturally oiled 


This oak parquet gets its rich, warm color by oiling the surface with natural linseed oil. This refinement also accentuates the beautiful grain of the oak wood. 

The creative look is achieved by reworking and balancing existing cracks by hand and skillfully applying the right touch. The end result is beautiful, continuous lines, similar to individual branches of coral, that stretch the length of each individual plank. Finally, these desired cracks are filled in timeless black. 

In order to inspire not only visually, but also haptically, isolated indentations are manually planed into the wood surface and then finely sanded. This artistic hand planing gives the parquet additional traces of processing, which underscore the authentic character of the oak parquet to an even greater extent.

Hand-planed, naturally oiled mafi coral OAK: a work of art you can literally walk across. 


Creative interior design: Nothing puts its stamp on a room as effectively as the floors 

How a room looks as a whole is automatically decided by the choice of flooring. 
Because no other living element shapes the character of your own four walls as much as the floor. 

The coral OAK is a very strong contemporary with a strong character.A striking look and a pleasant feel combine in exquisite elegance.Truly unique pieces, with Mother nNature as the lead designer. 

Brushing, planing, filling, oiling has made its mark in the wood and now decorate the plank with long cracks, which are effectively accentuated using colored wood putty. Each of these individual processing steps make the plank an exclusive design element that gives rooms a special ambience of cosiness, but above all enormous exclusivity. 

Exciting details: the color of the cracks can be freely selected by the customer and, for example, made to measure to match the interior.  

Biophilic real wood parquet for comfortable living with all the senses  


Oiling the oak parquet makes the oak floorboards, which are already very hard-wearing, even more robust and extremely easy to care for. Regardless of whether it’s in the kitchen or in the living room, the protective care layer forgives a lot of hopscotch and also enables punctual repairs in some cases. The healthy living natural wood floor can therefore cope with heavy use over many years. 

The floor is cared for with the mafi wooden floor soap, which cleans and cares for the floor at the same time. 
Every time you wipe it, the valuable grease penetrates the surface and leaves a protective barrier that makes the plank resistant to stains and scratches. 

Further benefits of the open-pored wood surface: The naturally oiled oak parquet always feels pleasantly warm to your feet because there’s no sealing layer between the skin and the wood. Furthermore, the plank absorbs moisture in the room and consequentlyreleases it back into the room. Homeowners then demonstrably benefit from a healthy indoor climate. The coral oak combines innovative design with sustainability. 

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