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Lively look and exciting feel:
Oak Country Riva Mare


- Extravagant character flooring par excellence: OAK Country, Riva Mare

- From country house style to Japandi style - there are loads of ways to use Riva Mare parquet

- Wellness foot massage included: stimulating haptics give you a sense of well-being with every step

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A floor for a more livable everyday life: the refined look of the Riva Mare surface gives you a daily foot massage.

Its vivid appearance with black filled grooves and a creative surface conjures up a special living atmosphere that exudes extravagance and character. The brushed and natural-oiled OAK Country Riva Mare stands out for its striking naturalness and unique appearance.

A Characterful Floor with a Vivid look and Body-warm Oiled Surface

A floor for connoisseurs: The OAK Country Riva Mare.The surface of this really extraordinary parquet is beautiful, unique and appeals to all the senses.

Its natural oiling emphasizes the vivid oak grain, while the white oiling ensures a homogeneous look. Natural cracks are filled in black to give the floor a particularly distinctive effect. An extravagant structure adorns each plank: the scrubbed surface of the planks gives them a really unusual look. This 3D effect can be best experienced and felt by simply walking barefoot on the floor.

Each step will feel like a gentle massage that contributes daily to making you feel even more comfortable and relaxed in your own four walls. The natural linseed oil-based finish leaves a natural wood surface that is always warm to the body.

The Riva Mare Surface: a Floor for Every Interior Style

The natural color and vivid look of this character floor can be combined with a wide varietyof furnishing styles.

The Oak Country Riva Mare is a wonderful basis for a trendy Japanese style that combines puristic aesthetics with naturalness.
Yet this extravagant parquet can also be used to realize Scandinavian living dreams focusing on a sense of well-being coupled with cool minimalism. Traditional living concepts benefit from the naturalness and warm color of this extravagant floor.

A Wellness Oasis In Your Own Home: Stable Plank Structure and Pleasing Feel

By means of sophisticated surface treatment, each plank is embellished with a homogeneous "Riva Mare" structure. The way the wood is treated not only gives it an extremely exciting look, it above all contributes to a pleasant walking experience.

For this reason, the OAK Country Riva Mare is also particularly suited for bathroom and wellness areas, where the focus is on well-being and relaxation.

Thanks to a tri-symmetrical plank construction and high wear layer, this floor is extremely robust and remains extremely dimensionally stable even with temperature fluctuations or high humidity.

Of course, its also possible to feel good with this natural parquet outside the bathroom.
The characterful wooden floor is basically suitable for all living spaces where people walk with socks or barefoot - after all, this soothing wellness floor can enrich any ambience.

The OAK Country Riva Mare in three words: Characterful. Stable. Natural.

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