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Living naturally with fir boards

- Lively surface for comfortable living

- Fir wood is so versatile: from traditional to modern living concepts

- Healthy indoor climate thanks to linseed oil finishing

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This homey softwood is a real popular figure that illuminates every room with its cozy, friendly charisma.
With lengths of up to five meters and impressive widths between 19 and 30 cm, the natural fir parquet enables small rooms to be visually enlarged in no time.

The lively grain, the multitude of knots and the warm color are the three typical characteristics of the fir parquet.

Pure nature: with fir boards you can't help but feel good

Striking tree rings and the uniform pattern of knots conjure up a very special charm - regardless of the furnishing concept, the look of the fir will always ensure a noticeably cozy atmosphere.

The surface of mafi FIR, Wide-Plank, brushed, naturally oiled , is refined with linseed oil. This refinement step emphasizes the naturally warm color of the homey wood and leaves the surface with a very pleasant, almost velvety feel.

Therefore, the fir is also particularly suitable for sleeping or relaxation rooms, such as meditation and yoga rooms, which are usually entered barefoot.
Due to the softness of the wood, the plank surface acquires a very individual patina over the years - hard earned, of course.

That's why we love the fir tree: the enormous plank lengths of up to five meters and extreme widths between 19 and 30 cm not only make an impression, but also visually enlarge the room.

The fir tree is an all-rounder: from alfir chic to Scandinavian living style to traditional room concepts

The fir tree is no longer just a living material for traditional furnishing styles.
On the contrary: the wood is now also used in modern interior design.

The traditional Alfir style interpreted in an urban way: The right mix of contemporary and traditional elements creates an exciting, trendy Alfir chic. Concrete walls, a reduced color palette and a puristic interior are combined with a preference for fir parquet. Eye-catchers are best set with rustic family heirlooms, such as an old solid wood bench or a cozy dining table, which skillfully stand out from the modern materials. And of course an original cuckoo clock shouldn't be missing either.

The ever-popular Scandinavian style of living: natural materials such as felt, wool and linen, a simple Nordic interior and, of course, lots of unpainted wood, especially softwoods such as the fir, result in a hygge-like feel-good home.

The classic mountain look results when you combine fir boards with traditional farmhouse furniture. And there is also the pleasant wood scent. This authentic, down-to-earth living style will of course never go out of style because it stands for pure coziness and comfort.

The natural wooden surface invites you to go barefoot

The wooden surface of the fir boards remains completely natural.
After brushing the floor, each plank is oiled with natural oil - linseed based oil, completely free of chemical drying agents and, of course, VOC-free.

The oil has enough time to really penetrate deep into every wood fiber, on the one hand to care for it deeply and on the other hand to make it resilient against stains. By oiling the board, the floor always feels pleasantly warm on the bare soles of the feet because there is no annoying layer of varnish or wax between the skin and the board. The pleasant feel of the fir boards can best be described as velvety - going barefoot is a very special pleasure.

The daily direct contact with the pure, natural wood while playing with the children, doing yoga or walking barefoot on it contributes to a very special quality of life and living. For today. For tomorrow.

What does the choice of flooring have to do with the indoor climate?

The answer to that: a lot.

Wood is brilliant - we at mafi have known that for generations.
That is why we do not seal or paint wood. So that all the positive and naturally given properties of wood are preserved. And they bring us humans many advantages when it comes to living.

Because wood remains open-pored after being refined with oil, mafi parquet can absorb humidity in the room and release it back into the room. This ingenious property has been proven to contribute to a healthy indoor climate. But wood can do even more. By absorbing the humidity in the room, the board also filters pollutants from the air at the same time.

And wood is also easy to care for: the mafi fir is simply cared for with wood soap and warm water. Regular washing cleans the floor and cares for it at the same time, because the soap also contains valuable, nurturing oils. But please only wipe with mops made of 100% cotton and never made of microfiber.

mafi FIR WIDE-PLANK, brushed, naturally oiled: Natural. Vivid. Healthy.


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