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Living with character:
OAK Country, brushed, naturally oiled


- Natural and cozy in one: country flooring from mafi

- Modern or rural: furnishing styles that harmonize with "OAK Country"

- All advantages of natural wood floors at a glance

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Thanks to the balanced, symmetrical structure of the boards, the floors remain stable even with these extreme dimensions.

The original form of the country plank from mafi is the OAK Country, brushed and naturally oiled. Strong character and close to nature are just two of the attributes that apply to one of the most popular products in the mafi portfolio.

The characterful country plank from mafi

OAK Country is characterized by its extremely lively look. Finishing the wood with natural, linseed-based oil lends it a warm color tone that beautifully emphasizes the grain of the wood.
Knots and cracks are additionally highlighted with black putty and act as real eye-catchers, giving this extraordinary plank its extremely characterful look.

Wood in its most natural form: each OAK Country plank is unique, presenting the extraordinary beauty of the natural material wood at its very best.

But it is not only the lively appearance that impresses, but also the variety of dimensions, which range from small widths of 155 mm to wide planks of 300 mm. The lengths of the plank are also impressive, with some as long as 5 meters. Thanks to the balanced, symmetrical structure of the boards, the floors remain stable even with these extreme dimensions.

Modern room concepts with the mafi country plank

Dignified colors and clear structures, paired with modern furniture, dominate most people's ideas of contemporary living spaces. So that modern rooms do not appear cool and impersonal, though, many consciously opt for a natural wood floor to restore a bit of soul to their spaces. The OAK Country, brushed and naturally oiled, is ideally suited for achieving exactly this desired contrast.

The result: exciting mixing of materials with natural wood paired with brushed stainless steel, white walls, or rough exposed concrete.

Living naturally and authentically with naturally oiled oak floors

This furnishing concept is about natural materials that radiate a cozy comfort full of warmth. The choice of materials is dominated by organic fabrics, above all wood, linen, wool, velvet, and leather. The furniture and other colors in the space are coordinated with the floor.

Delicate sand and red tones harmonize with the warm color of the wood and the matching interior. With just a few design tricks, a quiet retreat with a very special charm can be created – an oasis of well-being within your own four walls.

Wood is ingenious: the many advantages of the OAK Country range from healthy to easy-care

The naturally oiled OAK Country is one of the most popular floors in mafi's extensive portfolio. It not only harmonizes with the widest range of furnishing concepts, but also brings all the other positive properties of real natural wood floors.

The most important advantages at a glance:

OAK COUNTRY IS HEALTHY LIVING: thanks to chemical-free finishing with natural oil and the use of solvent-free white glue to bond the layers of wood, mafi planks are 100% natural.

WOOD CONTROLS YOUR INDOOR CLIMATE: using linseed-based oil to finish the floors mean that they are not sealed, but instead remain open-pored. This allows the plank to absorb humidity and released it back into the room, helping to create a healthy indoor climate.

NO MORE COLD FEET: The oiled surface of the OAK country plank always feels pleasantly velvety on the skin and, above all, is always warm to the touch.

NON-SLIP: The pleasant feel of the brushed and oiled wooden surface prevents slipping.

OAK COUNTRY FOR EVERY FURNISHING STYLE: Wood is timeless and humankind has always considered it the most important living and building material. Wood guarantees a relaxed atmosphere that makes you feel good, whether in the bathroom or in the living room.

RENOVATION WITH OAK COUNTRY: The characterful plank is also available as a renovation plank with a thickness of only 1 cm.

EASY CARE: Use mafi wood soap to clean and care for OAK Country with a single stroke. This is due to the valuable, nourishing fats in the soap.

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