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Lye treated, white oiled larch parquet for artistic room designs


- Larch, brushed, lye treated, white oiled: Modern yet natural for your home

- Furnishing with larch parquet: The friendly softwood has been used in modern architecture for a long time

- Easy to care for and healthy to live with: How people and animals benefit from wood in terms of health

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Larch boards have always been a popular, tried and tested choice for floors, walls and ceilings.
Coniferous wood is particularly popular in alpine areas and for rustic and traditional room designs. Particularly exciting: larch parquet as a natural feel-good basis for today's purist-modern architecture.

Friendly grain, soft wood fibers, vibrant knots and the white-grey surface of the larch, brushed, leached, white oiled, give every room an inviting and very natural atmosphere.

It´s a match: naturalness meets modernity

For a long time now, larch parquet has also been used in modern architecture - this characteristic softwood is extremely popular both as a wall and ceiling installation and as a floor covering.

 The striking wood grain and the multiplicity of alternating small and large knots bring an enormous naturalness into every room, which automatically makes the flooring very noticeable. The leached larch boards are then white oiled to give the larch wood a friendly, bright, harmonious surface.

It's a match: Combined with modern interiors, the cool-looking larch boards add a dramatic touch, especially to urban and minimalist room designs. This extraordinary contrast between naturalness and simplicity makes the hearts of interior designers beat faster and makes a clear statement in terms of a cozy room atmosphere.

mafi larch, brushed, leached, white oiled in three words: Friendly. Natural. Modern.

Larch parquet - no longer just rustic

Larch boards undoubtedly create a particularly homely and cozy atmosphere.
And that's why this wood with a forceful character has become so indispensable even in contemporary interior design.

Today, geometric shapes, minimalist room designs and modern materials dominate the living environment and here a counterpart is needed to bring some warmth into your living space. Brushed, leached and white oiled larch succeeds in doing exactly that and much more.
Its cool and timeless color harmonizes with every conceivable living environment color and its exceptional appearance guarantees an extra slice of well-being.

The material aesthetics of this type of wood are not only visually a pleasure, but also haptic.
The soft wood fibers feel almost velvety on the soles of the feet and are therefore predestined for rooms where you usually enter barefoot.

Larch wood literally celebrates deceleration.
No wonder that larch parquet is no longer just the first choice for traditional furnishing styles. The native softwood is processed into natural wood boards between 2.48 m and five meters at widths of nineteen to thirty centimeters.

Natural wood floorboards are so easy to maintain and healthy to live with

Thanks to the surface refined with oil based on linseed oil, the wood pores remain open and can breathe. It is precisely this open porosity that brings with it a multitude of advantages - above all, healthy living properties such as a noticeably fresher and pleasanter living environment. How? - Since the board is not sealed by a layer of varnish or similar, it can continue to absorb moisture and release it back into the room. In this way, people and animals benefit from a healthier quality of life.

In terms of longevity, too, the inherently open porosity brings with it a major plus: repairs can be carried out on a point-by-point basis without the entire surface having to be machined, as is the case with varnished surfaces.

Sustainable and easy to clean: Regular wiping with water and wood soap cleans and cares for the natural wood boards in one step and makes them resistant to stains and scratches.

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