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mafi Ash Vulcano Medium – the interesting alternative to knotless Oak

- mafi ash medium Vulcano: Timeless color and lively appearance  
- The chemical-free mafi thermal treatment for exciting colors  
- furnishing with ash wood: Tips for a successful room

READING TIME: approx. 1.5 mins

Pure naturalness radiates this extraordinary hardwood and represents a welcome and above all very pleasant alternative to oak.
With 32N/mm2 on the Brinell scale, ash wood is not only extremely durable, but also just as robust as the popular oak parquet, but usually has a very quiet, knotless grading. 

Exciting grain, a friendly bright color and great robustness make ash parquet a popular all-rounder that harmonises with different interior styles.

Ash medium Vulcano: vibrant look and exciting hue

The mafi thermal treatment makes the Vulcano ash appear darker than it actually is naturally.  
The extremely bright shade is transformed into a dark, friendly natural wood shade. The refinement with natural oil based on linseed oil brings out the play of color and at the same time highlights the beautiful grain of the ash. The result: an extraordinary natural wood floor that exudes enormous character despite quiet sorting.  
Ash Vulcano Medium in three words: Alive. Robust. Natural.

The mafi thermal treatment: Innovative and naturally

100% chemical-free and completely natural: The ecological mafi thermal treatment produces exciting shades ranging from dark to very dark to almost black. In this way, this innovation represents a worthy and above all sustainable alternative to endangered tropical woods, which manages completely without chemicals. 
Only by heat, water and wind can the Vulcano process impart different intensities to woods. The best thing about it: Not only does the surface become darker, but really the entire wood fiber and thus the entire plank appears homogeneous in a darker shade.  
Already existing color differences are additionally emphasized by this method - in the case of ash, an important refining step, which is able to underline the peculiarity of this type of wood. 

A vivid look but easy to combine

Due to the irregular grain and the welcome differences in color, the surface appearance of the ash is extremely strong in character, but appears laid out on the surface, yet homogeneous and harmonious. 
Ash parquet is the ideal basis for living concepts that demand restrained naturalness:  
the floor surface remains so far in the background that the interior, living colours and decoration work for themselves and can be perceived as eye-catchers.  
Black furniture and dark living textiles in anthracite create exciting contrasts to the extremely friendly wood surface. But furnishing styles, such as the Scandi Chick, which is accompanied by light grey and pastel tones, adapt perfectly to this timeless parquet floor.

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