28.06.2017Products of the month

MAPLE Vulcano

Lengths: 1800/2000/2400mm

Widths: 155/185mm

Thicknesses: 16|19mm

Surface: sanded natural oiled

A subtle, almost invisible grain, coupled with the noble brown tones make the Maple Vulcano a timeless classic for almost every furnishing style.

The Maple Vulcano gets its elite appearance from a gentle thermal treatment. The raw material is the Maple Europe, whose colour is changed from light to dark through a regular baking process. A decisive and a clear differentiator is that the top layer is uniformly coloured. This property helps with especially heavy signs of wear so that the floor still remains homogeneous. The idea for the chemical-free Vulcano treatment arises from the idea of making native wood types darker than originally and thus creating an alternative to tropical woods. The Maple Vulcano is a prime example of this.

The surface of the Maple Vulcano is sanded which gives an even nobler character to the floor. Sanded surfaces do not work on every floor or wood type, as specifically the growth and the pores play a decisive role if a floor can be brushed or sanded. The aim is to 100% prevent splinters and fragments and to support the character of the product.