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Modern Living Meets Classic Herringbone Parquet


- Rich brown Oak Vulcano herringbone parquet sets the foundation for contemporary interiors

- Modern interpretation of herringbone pattern: Large plank formats create a relaxed look 

- Healthy indoor climate thanks to open-pored wood surface 

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In generous formats, herringbone parquet brings French charm and elegance into your living space. With lengths ranging from 580mm to 780mm and widths of 155mm or 185mm, the large-sized planks offer a lighter and modern interpretation of this classic pattern.

Herringbone parquet is no longer limited to traditional home styles; it also complements modern room designs. Playing with different styles creates an incredibly captivating spatial effect.

Caramel-brown herringbone parquet in a large format for an effortlessly elegant look

The beautiful brown tone of the herringbone parquet is achieved through mafi's chemical-free thermo treatment. Using only water, wind, and heat, the light and warm hue of the oak wood is transformed into a rich caramel brown. And the best part is that the coloration occurs throughout the entire wooden plank, not just on the surface.

Building upon the classic and high-quality herringbone pattern, we've created a parquet where the traditional 90° installation angle is maintained, but the plank format has been significantly altered. The mafi herringbone planks are either 15.5cm or 18.5cm wide and range from 58cm to 78cm in length. The result is a generously proportioned herringbone surface that exudes elegance while also conveying lightness and spaciousness.


Combining it with any style: Modern interpretation of mafi herringbone parquet

Contrasting room concepts, combining two worlds playfully - that's where classic meets modern. Pure and minimalist interior designs perfectly stand out against the traditionally installed herringbone planks, creating a deliberate style contrast and a special atmosphere.

Playing with material contrasts further enhances this interplay of differences. White walls beautifully accentuate the brown hues of the herringbone parquet. Additionally, combining it with exposed concrete leads to an exciting living look.

Fans of classic interior styles prefer harmony over experimentation. They choose light yellow and beige tones to complement the caramel-colored herringbone parquet, combining them with elegant and softly curved furniture or antique treasures. 

Benefit from the wonders of nature: Wood for a healthy indoor climate and more

The oiled Oak Vulcano Medium herringbone parquet impresses not only with its elegance but also with its healthy living properties. The brushed and exclusively oiled surface keeps the wood pores open, allowing it to absorb and release moisture from the room whenever needed. This inherent property of wood contributes to a healthy and noticeably fresher indoor climate.

Furthermore, the oil-based finish creates no artificial barrier between the skin and the wood, making it a pure pleasure to walk barefoot on the oak parquet and feel the natural warmth of the wood.

Consequently, an increasing number of customers choose to install natural wood parquet in their bathrooms, benefiting not only from the pleasant texture but also from the slip resistance of the wooden surface. 

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