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OAK Character brushed, white oil:
A timeless natural wood floor that adapts to every furnishing style


- OAK Character for spacious-feeling rooms: a natural wood floor that always fits. 

- OAK Character: flooring that will last for generations thanks to the high-quality plank construction.

READING TIME: approx. 2 minutes

OAK Character is perfect for creating a generous sense of space. Because it is a natural wood floor, it has a timeless look that will always adapt easily to changing tastes and styles.

OAK Character impresses with its natural and calm surface appearance with a light-oiled finish in white. Flooring that is suitable for any interior style.

Timeless oak

The surface appearance of OAK Character, brushed, white oil features a beautiful grain with just a few knots. The otherwise warm color of the oak wood is lightened by being finished with white oil. The result is a light, yet friendly wood surface where the natural details of the oak remain visible.

Thanks to the brushing and oiling of the wood surface, the floor always feels pleasantly warm and inviting, perfect for walking barefoot. The natural, open-pored floor surface gives every room a lot of cozy warmth and guarantees a feeling of hygge even in the most modern of designs.

OAK Character for spacious-feeling rooms: a natural wood floor for every taste.

The calm look and light color of the OAK Character allow the floor to adapt perfectly to any situation and every furnishing style.
So this natural wood floor always looks good, whether in modern or traditional room designs or urban styles.

Pure harmony: It is best to combine the white oiled oak with cool pastel or gray tones, which can be used, for example, as a wall color or as a color for the home textiles. Bright interiors in different shades of white or from equally pleasant oak wood represent a harmonious connection to the oak floor.

Create contrasts: A dramatic look is achieved if you deliberately create strong contrast points to the white oiled natural wood floor with all its natural charisma and warmth. A black, matte kitchen block or black leather furniture then catches the eye and visually sets itself apart from the warm-toned wooden surface. Particularly exciting: add dark curtains and pillows made of natural materials such as linen or wall colors in anthracite, as well as dark earth tones to create a guaranteed eye-opening experience.

High-quality plank construction guarantees stability and longevity

If you choose mafi OAK Character, you'll find it the perfect long-time surface, even as tastes and styles change. Simply because, like all mafi floors, this floor is manufactured in a high-quality, symmetrical three-layer structure.
This means that the same wood is used for the bottom and top layers and both are given the same thermal treatment. This guarantees their quality and keeps the natural movement of the wood strictly  limited. This counteracts any buckling or dips that might occur.
The flexible, soft middle layer, meanwhile, is made of soft wood to compensate perfectly for the tension in the plank.

In general, mafi OAK Character is the right choice if you want a natural wood floor that will be a reliable, adaptable part of your home for many years to come.


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