09.08.2018Products of the month

OAK Clear brushed natural oiled

Lengths: 1800/2000/2400/4000/5000 mm

Widths: 155/185/240/260/280/300 mm

Thicknesses: 16|19 mm

Surface: brushed natural oiled

Knotless oak is certainly the prime part of the tree and a valuable and rare commodity.

Oak parquet is resistant, durable and versatile. The wood species native to Europe can have a quite wild and rustic appearance, for example with branches full of character, adhesions and cracks. However, the oak can also be tamed, and then shows its strengths very elegantly: if you are looking for a timeless natural wood floor, you will find a quality in the pure, naturally-oiled oak floorboards from mafi that easily survives a number of furniture cycles and furnishing trends.

Thanks to the clean and naturally oiled surface, the planks create a calm and extremely harmonious overall appearance. The unadulterated look is characterised by the characteristic colour spectrum from strong yellow to light brown tones, the textures created during the growth of the oak and emphasised by means of brushes as well as the striking alternation of early and late wood.

Each of the carefully selected planks is vividly designed in itself and a natural unique specimen. But the surface creates a homogenous effect: this restrained natural wood floor showcases the furniture and also creates a homely atmosphere in the furnishing of offices.