30.05.2018Products of the month

OAK Clear Carving Lipso I brushed white oiled

Length: 2400mm
Width: 240mm
Thickness: 16|19mm
Surface: brushed natural oiled

In addition to the naturalness of products, mafi also stands for the combination of innovative design and natural feel.

The original design and structure of the wood is maintained and combined with varying designs in a symbiotic harmony. With this, mafi combines art with mathematics, nature with geometry, and traditional handicraft with innovation. With the style of this new processing variant, we put the "Carving Lipso I" design in the limelight, which creates an artful atmosphere of exclusive elegance. Whether installed on the floor, the ceiling or the wall: this natural wood innovation creates a unique atmosphere, both in private and in public areas.

The radiance of the Carving Lipso I is due to the tension-filled play on curved shapes. Thereby, circles and ellipses are always interchanging with each other, which result in either star or ellipse shapes depending on the approach. In this dynamic, the scheme creates an exciting but by no means agitated mood - the design is lively and moderate at the same time. The emerging patterns always extend over two planks and deliver their effect especially in large, spacious rooms. The offset design allows the surface to repeat the pattern and thus appear larger. The micro-fibres between the planks always run through the surface edges, and thus lead the human eye lengthwise across the floor surface.

In addition to the innovative optics, mafi’s Carving Lipso I convinces with its unique haptic. The highlight: the dark areas have a different surface texture to the light areas. Through special shading, the brown passages seem almost material like and form a noticeable contrast to the classic wood processing of the lighter areas.

The plank’s base is formed by the mafi OAK Clear with its usual symmetrical 3-layer construction and the natural oiled surface.