26.11.2017Products of the month

Oak Country brushed, 1x natural, 1x white oiled

Lengths: 1800/2000/2400/4000|5000mm
Widths: 155/185/240/260/280/300mm
Thickness: 16|19mm
Surface: brushed, 1x natural, 1x white oiled

The mixed surface of 1x natural, 1x white oiled is not only an exciting new Oak tone, but also a perfect example of the flexibility of the mafi surface.

The Oak Country is one of the most popular products in the mafi portfolio. Increasingly, end customers but also architects and designers rely on a special mixed tone for the oiled surface. Here, all planks are 1x natural and 1x white oiled.

What distinguishes a country house plank?

The Oak Country is the prime example of a high-quality country house plank. Being original, authentic and as genuine as possible is what makes this design a timeless parquet floor. Knots, cracks, and a characterful grain characterise the appearance. Additionally, the country house plank represents a robust wooden floor which easily survives through the years. This requires the appropriate technical properties of the parquet floor, in addition to good looks. mafi planks have a symmetrical construction, where the back and top layer are made of the same wood, and have the same thickness and same thermal treatment. Thus, underfloor heating systems are no longer a problem and the floor delivers maximum stability.

Authentic feel with wood

An honest, back home feeling slumbers permanently in the wood. To experience this, one needs to make direct contact with the wood. mafi oils all of their floors and lets them dry in the air. This ensures that the wood is indeed protected while the surface remains pleasantly warm and genuine. The colour of the oil can be adapted depending on the customer's wishes. An exciting variant is the 1x natural, 1x white oiled surface. This colour tone is an option for all those for who the natural Oak seems too yellowish, while the white oiled Oak appears too cold. According to preference, the floor can be wiped with wood floor soap natural, white or alternately.