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Oak Country is an all-rounder for every living style

- The most important advantages of OAK Country at a glance  
- OAK Country look: Vibrant parquet for natural living 
- Different oilings for colors from light to natural  
- From country house to modern loft - OAK Country is a true all-rounder

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The surface with the artistic cracks and the many details can be oiled in a wide variety of color nuances from warm to modern.

mafi Oak Country is a lively parquet that impresses with its extreme naturalness and strength of character.

The most important advantages of OAK Country at a glance:

1. Doesn't show dirt: 
This vibrant surface lets dust, animal hair or other dirt quickly fade into the background.

2. Extremely robust:  
With 34 N/mm² on the Brinell scale, oak is one of the hardest woods of all.
That is why oak is even suitable for heavy traffic areas such as hotels or offices. 

3. Easy to repair: 
Because OAK Country has a naturally oiled surface, you benefit from an open-pored surface. Small accidents, such as stains or scratches can therefore be selectively removed. The opposite is the case with varnished planks or floors with an oil-wax finish, where the entire surface always needs to be refinished. 
4. It keeps its shape well - so it's also suitable for the bathroom: 
Due to the symmetrical three-layer construction, Oak Country is extremely dimensionally stable. The back and top layers are made of oak which have had the same thermal treatment. This stable backing minimizes any shrinkage or curling. 
5. Easy-care - cleaning and care in one step: 

mopping with mafi wood soap cleans the floor and the caring substances contained in the soap really look after it.  
6. Adapts to your furnishing style: 
Flexible and timeless are the words that best describe Oak Country. It is the ideal basis for every style of living - from shabby chic to classic and traditional. Oilings from white to gray to natural mean a variety of colors are possible. 
7. Healthy room climate: 
thanks to the finish with natural oil, the wood remains open-pored and is not sealed.
Moisture in the room is therefore absorbed by the floorboards and released back into the room. This ingenious property has been proven to contribute to a healthy indoor climate.

Modern country house style with Oak Country parquet

Countless finishing steps underline the lively surface appearance of the oak parquet. OAK Country shows all the tree's characteristics, starting with the grain, through knots of different sizes, to one or the other end cracks, which are sealed in black.   
The linseed oil-based oiling lets the oak grain come into its own.
Furthermore, small and large knots contribute to an extremely natural appearance.

Particularly sophisticated: Exciting shades ranging from warm to modern to almost white or gray are created with different colored natural oils. 

The floor as a defining element: oiling from natural to cool and modern

It all depends on the oiling. And it's a tough one when it comes to whether the parquet should be given a modern touch or whether the natural color tone should be highlighted.

Thus, Oak Country represents extremely versatile flooring, the color of which can be adapted to any living style.

Naturally oiled planks appear warm and honey-colored, while white oiled planks appear modern and cool. Further nuances in grey, graphite grey, deep white or the raw wood look really expand the Oak Country color palette.

From classic to modern to Scandi Chic

No flooring is as adaptable and flexible as mafi OAK Country.  
Modern furnishing concepts benefit enormously from Oak Country - the friendly knot pattern and the naturally occurring cracks loosen up the puristic room image and create cosiness and warmth despite the otherwise simple interior. Oilings in the colors white, gray or deep white are particularly suitable for the modern style.  
Oilings in natural or mixed oils in 1x natural and 1x white oiled are very suitable for classic room concepts. Its warm honey tone presents a particularly harmonious basis for solid wood furniture or home textiles in linen and leather.  
Gray oiled, graphite gray oiled parquet, but also the raw wood look underline the cool loft style in a special way. 

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