30.10.2017Products of the month

OAK Vulcano Herringbone 90° brushed natural oiled

Surface: brushed, natural oiled
Lengths: 780/1180mm
Widths: 155/185/240mm
Thickness: 16|19mm

OAK Vulcano Herringbone 90° brushed, natural oiled exudes elegance - both in colour and design.

The Herringbone installation pattern is currently on all floors. This classic has managed to bridge the gap between elegance and modernity, and is currently in demand like never before. Often made in smaller dimensions, we dare to make large-sized planks.

This of course needs the necessary stability, because the clear design of the 90° installation requires accuracy and the lowest possible shrinkage and swelling behaviour of the wood. Thus, solid wood planks are therefore discouraged. mafi planks however, are made with a balanced symmetrical three-layer structure, where the top layer and back layer are made of the same wood with the same thickness. The resulting symmetry provides the optimum stability and is thus ideal for installation on underfloor heating.

In addition, the Oak Vulcano has higher stability thanks to its very low shrinkage and swelling behaviour, which gets it colour play by a chemical-free thermo heat treatment. The colour shade of the Oak planks in its rich brown looks particularly classy and leaves lots of combinations open with the furniture. The long and wide planks create a uniquely generous look yet still remain loyal to the classic style.