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OAK Vulcano Medium Chevron 45° brushed, naturally oiled - geometric line pattern meets natural wood


- A classic installation pattern for room concepts that require something special.

- Endless color shading using the mafi thermal process

READING TIME: approx. 2 minutes

Classic installation patterns are back in vogue. They create a special kind of spatial experience and can be combined equally with classic or modern interiors.

The chevron board is predestined for the classic furnishing style. The color differences of the individual planks range from light brown to brown and give every room an exciting look.

A classic laying pattern: the chevron pattern

The naturally oiled mafi "OAK Vulcano Medium Chevron" is a short plank that is installed at a 45° angle. This results in a beautiful laying pattern that is particularly well suited to classic furnishing concepts. For the short planks, you have to choose between lengths of 53 and 70 cm. The board widths range from 12 cm to 15.5 cm and 18.5 cm.

The medium brown, warm coloring and the calm surface appearance in combination with the unique chevron laying result in an unmistakable, almost dramatic, look that can enjoy increasing popularity. What makes the installation so special are the infinite number of parallel, V-shaped planks that visually enlarge the room and give each room a very individual character.

What is the best way to combine this classic installation pattern?

The mafi "OAK Vulcano Medium Chevron" creates a very good impression with classic interiors, such as Biedermeier furniture, or with very playful, splendid and bulbous pieces of furniture, as they are known, for example, from the Baroque era.

The deliberate contrast between the very classic-looking chevron floor and modern pieces of furniture is also extremely exciting, deliberately dispensing with pretty details and ornaments and focusing on three-dimensional, geometric shapes and pure functionality.

One thing is certain: the mafi Chevron floor is suitable for all room concepts that require something extraordinary.

The mafi thermal process makes an infinite number of shades of color possible

mafi produces ecological floors - it's absolutely clear that even in the thermal process, no chemicals are used. The appearance of the planks is only changed by water, wind and intense heat. Natural wood floors are created in the most beautiful color shades from light brown to medium brown to almost black surfaces.
In addition to the beautiful appearance, when choosing a thermo-treated floor made of local timber, you will also automatically have a clear conscience that you have not imported a tropical wood floor. 


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