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OAK Wild heavily brushed natural oiled

Lengths: 1800/2000/2400/4000/5000mm

Widths: 240/260/280/300mm

Thickness: 16|19mm

Surface: heavily brushed natural oiled

Grown to be wild – the OAK Wild celebrates the rustic parts of the tree trunk and makes naturalness tangible.

The OAK Wild has real character and shapes the room. Designed in the Alpine style, this unique natural wood flooring is used in chalets, restaurants, hotels, sales rooms and in one’s own four walls.

The appearance of the planks is based on the naturally occurring cracks in the Oak wood. These are milled, deepened, widened and harmonised - all by hand. The slightly recessed cracks, sealed with black putty, draw the wood through the length of the room and thus give it additional width.

The mafi OAK Wild is offered in impressive widths from 24cm to 30cm. The lengths range from 1.8 meters to room-length planks of five metres. The thickness of the planks can be chosen in either 16 or 19 mm. For a special emphasis on the dimensions, this country house plank is equipped with a large chamfer. This stylistic accent emphasises the individual planks more clearly and more powerfully.

You can feel that too, as in addition to the hand-crafted cracks, the surface of the wood is also brushed strongly. Here, the soft wood parts are removed more heavily than with a conventional brushing. The result is a wooden surface in which the individual tree rings are literally experienced. mafi natural wood floors are ideal for going barefoot on because during production, we dispense with any layer-forming sealing, but instead use natural oils which penetrate deeply into the planks. What’s the difference? This means you walk on pure wood and not on lacquer.

The OAK Wild is extremely robust and, due to its design, suited to even the highest demands. It has been used in projects such as Franz the Landlord or the M3 Technology and Design showroom, which are perfectly walkable examples and always worth a look.