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Patterned parquet as an artistic statement for any property

- mafi Carving Lipso as an extravagant eye-catcher  

- furnishings with accentuated parquet 

- cleaned and maintained with just one wipe

READING TIME: About 2.5 minutes 


The Carving Lipso parquet brings together the natural structure of the wood and contemporary design, showing that there is not necessarily a contradiction in pairing originality with modernity. On the contrary - when laid, the pattern consisting of large circles and ellipses creates a harmonious balance. 

Those who like things a little different are in the right place: The brushed and white oiled, Astrein Carving Lipso I Oak is a work of art that attracts everyone's attention.

Anything but ordinary: Oak Clear Carving Lipso I

"Doing things differently." – is the motto for this choice of parquet. 

This parquet is exceptional and is the first choice if you are wanting an extravagant look for your room design. Carving Lipso I brings minimalist opulence into your home. 
The creative patterned parquet exudes the charm of the Renaissance paired with the naturalness of untreated wood and will be a real eye-catcher in every room. 
The circular and elliptical shapes that adorn every floorboard give a striking surface appearance whether they are used for floor, wall or ceiling installations. The play of colours between light and the somewhat darker wood with a hatched design also creates an extremely artistic look.  
The parquet is finished with white oil based on linseed oil, which gives the surface a homogeneous touch and also makes it look cooler and more modern.


Furnishing with accented parquet 

The symmetrical pattern, which is incorporated into the floorboard using carving technology, is the perfect companion for opulent, unusual interiors and imaginative art artifacts that require a special stage to merge with the parquet in an artistic unit. Playful, colorful wallpaper prints together with this patterned parquet floor  create a tasteful opulent look that is even more radiant but not at all over the top.  
Those who prefer things a little quieter can combine this exciting parquet floor with deliberately puristic, modern furniture to create a deliberate contrast. 
Very classic interiors from the Biedermeier and Co. era also harmonize well with this parquet, resulting in very tasteful and elegant living rooms.

Attractive Carving Lipso I is not only suitable for private settings however, it can also be used for public areas, such as hotels, shops or restaurants – wherever you want to make an artistic statement.  

mafi wood soap: Care and cleaning with only one product

The innovative Carving Lipso I is cleaned and maintained with the wood soap, which not only cleans the natural wood floor, but also takes care of it. Valuable fats in the soap are automatically impregnated into the floorboards every time they are mopped and they penetrate deeply into the open-pored surface.  
The result is a wood look that stays matte, but which becomes increasingly resistant to stains and any scratches after every mopping. 
Stains that may occur in everyday life can be treated on the spot with hot water and pure soap. The warm water causes the spilt substance to rise to the surface, where it can be wiped away with a cotton cloth. If necessary, this simple process can be repeated several times.

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