01.01.2020Products of the month

Product of the month January 2020: mafi "Tiger Oak CC, brushed, natural oiled"

Surface: brushed and oiled natural
Lengths: 1800/2000/2400 mm
Widths: 110/155/185/220/240 /
Thicknesses: 16 or 19 mm

The Tiger OAK CC makes it possible to give any room a very personal touch and to be creative yourself.

This way you can choose from any colour in the RAL colour range for the appearance of the cracks and thereby lend your floor a very individual touch. The combination with wall paint or furniture is also very popular.

This floor is unique, guaranteed to attract everyone's attention and to be fun.

Tiger OAK CC: This is where vivid cracks meet warm brown tones

The mafi Tiger OAK CC captivates with its rich brown tone and the included color play between light wood parts and beautiful grain. Apart from the intense shades of color in the wood surface, the Tiger Oak impresses us with a plethora of cracks, which are colored by hand closed.

The letters "CC" stand here for "Costum Color", which means that the customer has the opportunity to choose the color for the cracksof his parquet floor...at no charge.  Anything that pleases and has a RAL code can be used here.
This individualization is particularly interesting for companies that not only want to express their corporate identity on the web or in their printed matter. In this way, respective company colors can also be reflected on the floor and artfully staged.

The Tiger OAK CC is an extravagant, very vivid floor with great potential as a completely unique eye-catcher.


Chemical-free thermal treatment instead of tropical wood

The rich brown tint of the Tiger OAK is achieved by the mafi Tiger thermal process, which works completely without chemicals and represents an equivalent but above all ecological alternative to tropical wood.

Pure water and intense, brief heat will darken any plank and further accentuate the beautiful color contrasts within the wood surface.

In addition, this "baking process" naturally creates the countless fine cracks that are so typical of the Tiger OAK. The rich brown color of the plank provides the perfect backdrop for the colored cracks and really lets them shine against the darker background.

Oiling with natural oil for a healthy indoor climate

The vibrant and durable surface of the Tiger Oak is oiled by hand in the final finishing step.
A natural oil based on linseed oil provides the wood with the necessary care it needs and penetrates deep into the plank, but without leaving an unnatural layer on the surface.

The oil doesn't seal the wood surface, as with paint or wax, but allows it to continue to breathe.

An extremely positive feature, which is ultimately reflected in a demonstrably better indoor climate: This is because the wood is able to continue absorbing and releasing moisture in the room.

The Tiger parquet is maintained quite simply by regular wiping with water and mafi wood soap. The wiping simultaneously cleans and maintains the floor with the oils contained therein. The result is a stain-resistant, beautiful patina that transforms the floor into a long-term companion.

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